Police officers seized over 25 kilograms of marijuana from a group of smugglers yesterday, arresting three of them.

The group procured the drugs near Strumica and divided it in two,with intent to take it to Skopje. Two of the smugglers, with 10 kilograms of the drug, were apprehended on the Stip – Skopje highway. The main organizer, with the rest of the drugs, was arrested as he was nearing his safehouse destination north of Skopje. The police estimates that the drugs were worth about 50,000 EUR in retail. 

Under the Zaev regime, Macedonia is turning into a serious marijuana source in the region, as dozens of farms, often owned by relatives and cronies of the Zaev family, were given lincese to operate. It’s widely suspected that some of these farms are ignoring their cannabis oil license and are actually growing marijuana for the black market.