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Macedonia 31.03.23 | 12:06

Man killed in Skopje was out gambling with his killer

Police identified the man that was shot dead early this morning in Skopje as N.A. (46) from Aracinovo. Aracinovo is a majority Albanian neighborhood east of Skopje known as the base of serious drug gangs. The victim was out gambling in a casino in a normally safe area of Skopje. He was gambling with...

Macedonia 30.11.22 | 14:18

Three people sentenced to prison for Croatian handball player Denis Tot’s murder

The council of judges of the Skopje Criminal Court on Wednesday found three defendants guilty for the murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot in front of a nightclub in the City Park in Skopje on April 7 this year. The court sentenced the accused Angelo Gjorgievski (28) and Klementina Levkovska...

Macedonia 13.04.22 | 09:25

First suspect in murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot detained

The Ministry of Interior informed this morning that the suspect A.Gj. wanted for the murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot has been detained. The suspect was detained on the territory of Skopje. As the Ministry of Interior informs, for him, a decision has already been made to order a 30 day detention. Suspect...

Macedonia 11.04.22 | 17:21

Prosecutors won’t file charges for cover-up after Denis Tot’s murder

Prosecutor Gavril Bubevski said that the OJO office is not preparing to file charges of cover-up following the brutal murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot. Tot was beaten to death by at least three people as he was leaving a club in Skopje on Wednesday evening. The police and the Skopje Emergency...

Macedonia 16.11.21 | 18:48

Murder in Kavadarci

A man from Kavadarci was killed yesterday evening in a fight. The man was trying to intervene in an on-going argument and separate the two parties. One of those involved, a 45 year old man, used a stick to bring the man to the ground, and then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest with a knife. The victim...

Macedonia 14.11.21 | 14:14

Skopje: Man killed his grandmother

A 28 year old man from Skopje killed his grandmother, police informed. The gruesome murder of the 75 year old woman happened sometime between November 5th and 11th. Few other details were made available by the police.

Macedonia 21.10.21 | 12:22

Son killed his father in Kicevo

A 50 year old man from Kicevo was arrested yesterday evening for killing his 50 year old father. The murder was carried out with a knife. Police still haven’t released the possible motive for the horrific crime.

Macedonia 02.10.21 | 16:24

Family members of the woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death say that she was abused for a long time and was attacked on the night of the murder

The family of the 23 year old woman from Veles who killed her policeman – boyfriend claim that she acted in self-defense. The murder was reported on Wednesday morning, when the 40 year old policeman Aleksandar Ristovski was found with a stab wound to the heart in the home where he lived with his...

Macedonia 29.09.21 | 22:09

Woman from Veles killed her boyfriend

A 23 year old woman from Veles killed her boyfriend – a 40 year old policeman – stabbing him to death this morning. The murder was carried out during the night. The reason that caused the incident is still not revealed. Locals say that the policeman had a number of affairs and children with...

Macedonia 12.05.21 | 22:50

Gunfight in Skopje, one death reported

A gunfight was reported in Skopje’s Butel district, with one fatality. The incident happened near the Sultan restaurant. Albanian language media outlets are reporting about a large police presence in the area. Some outlets have identified the man who was allegedly killed under the initials of K.I....

Macedonia 21.04.21 | 09:24

Man from Struga murdered his wife and then tried to kill himself

A 39 year old man from Struga killed his 34 year old wife yesterday evening, and then tried to kill himself. The murder was perpetrated with a knife, at the home of friends of the couple where the two were visiting. Police informed that the woman was found dead at the scene, and the man badly injured...

Macedonia 05.03.21 | 09:06

Double murder in Topansko Pole, victims killed with Kalashnikov, attackers on the run

Shootings disturbed the citizens of the Skopje settlement Topansko Pole early this morning, and two people were killed in the shooting. According to unofficial information, around 3 o’clock in the morning, two people who were sitting in a parked vehicle were shot and killed with a Kalashnikov,...

Macedonia 04.03.21 | 19:16

Family of Macedonian boy killed for protecting his bike forced to face the killer during a reenactment

Seven years after the murder of 18 year old Angel Petkovski, the family had to face off the killer, Naser Eshtrefi (20 at the time) for reconstruction of the murder. The case which heightened ethnic tensions in Skopje’ Gjorce district, since Angel was Macedonian and Naser – an Albanian, is...

Macedonia 04.03.21 | 18:39

Gostivar prosecutors file charges against the man who killed his wife with an axe

The man from Gostivar who killed his wife with an axe in September is finally facing criminal charges. Prosecutors asked the court to keep the 67 year old man in detention as the charges were presented before the court. According to the charges, the man was feuding with his 60 year old wife for a longer...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 10:39

Albania: Macedonian citizen kills partner, her sister

Albanian police arrested a citizen of Macedonia, Perparim Ademi, for the murder of two women in Tirana. Ademi killed his partner Kristina Bardhi and her sister Zaneta Metani. The killings, perpetrated with a firearm, were reportedly carried out before two minors. Bardhi wanted to leave Ademi (59), which...

Macedonia 04.12.20 | 10:32

Attempted murder – suicide in Kavadarci

An elderly man from the village of Sivec near Kavadarci attempted to kill his wife and them committed suicide yesterday. Police found the 84 year old woman with serious injuries. Her 73 year old husband, who cared for his sick wife for years, tried to kill her as his health also began to deteriorate....

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 16:57

Man stabbed to death during a mass fight in Prilep

A person was killed in Prilep during a fight yesterday evening, which had to be broken up with warning shots by the police. The incident occurred in the low income Trizla part of Prilep. The police is still determining the reason for the incident and have said that it involved two groups of men, some...

Macedonia 27.08.20 | 22:20

Macedonian citizen arrested after the murder of a gay couple in Malta

Maltese police arrested Macedonian citizen Viktor Dragomanski, who worked on security in a hotel, under the suspicion of involvement in the murder of a gay couple a week ago. Dragomanski was arrested along with an Albanian citizen. The police believes it was an attempted robbery that went badly, but...

Macedonia 14.08.20 | 10:31

Man killed in front of his family during an armed robbery near Skopje

A horrific murder was perpetrated in a village east of Skopje yesterday evening. Two masked men armed with pistols entered into the home of 49-year old I.A. in Indzikovo, while he was with his wife and other relatives. The attackers ordered everybody on the ground and sought money from I.A. After he...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 13:08

Mass knife and gun fight in a village near Skopje – one killed, three injured

A man was killed and at least three were injured in a mass gun and knife fight that erupted yesterday evening in a restaurant in the village of Batinci, south-east of Skopje. Police said that the incident began as a heated argument, and at one point knives and guns were drawn. The casualty is S.P. (29),...