Prosecutor Gavril Bubevski said that the OJO office is not preparing to file charges of cover-up following the brutal murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot. Tot was beaten to death by at least three people as he was leaving a club in Skopje on Wednesday evening.

The police and the Skopje Emergency Clinic initially informed that there no injuries on Tot’s body. This raised suspicions that the police is trying to protect the attackers and caused widespread speculations about their alleged political links.

There is no suspicion that somebody was trying to cover up the case and to conceal the fact that it was murder. The hospital simply made an initial assessment and concluded that it is a natural occurrence that needs to be treated. After his death, an autopsy was performed. We secured the surveillance video tapes and it was determiend that this is a criminal act, the controversial, politically linked prosecutor Bubevski said.

The main attacker, identified by the poice as A.Gj., has fled the country. Local media are identifying him as a 28 year old man who was being prosecuted for drug running in Slovenia. The other two are a 22 year old amn and a 19 year old woman.