14 year old Vanja Gjorcevska, who was missing since Monday, was found murdered. The girl was kidnapped while going to school, the Interior Ministry informed today. Perpetrators of this horrific crime that shocked the country, prosecutors believe, were trying to extort money from the family.

Another body if an elderly person who went missing, was found near Veles and this death is also connected with Vanja’s murder. Four persons are arrested, and one suspect is believed to be outside of the country. Prosecutors have asked for detention for three of the suspects and the fourth is being interrogated today. The police also found a torched vehicle that was used in the kidnapping. Vanja’s body was found near Skopje. the other victim, 74 year old P.Z. from Veles, was found near that city.

The girl was snatched from the entrance of her home, as she was going to elementary school, on Monday morning. Police informs that she was murdered only hours later. The only additional bit of information that the police revealed today, was that the perpetrators are ethnic Macedonians – in an attempt to prevent ethnic tensions over the gruesome crime.