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Macedonia 29.04.21 | 17:30

Zaev’s Government wants to revive the Chinese built Kicevo – Ohrid highway project

The Zaev Government announced a new push to restart work on the badly delayed Kicevo – Ohrid highway. Construction began in 2014, after the Gruevski Government signed a contract with the Chinese Sinohydro company, and work was supposed to finish in 2018, but in the meantime SDSM grabbed power and...

Macedonia 26.04.21 | 21:05

New fire in the reeds on the Struga shoreline

Local media from Struga are reporting about a new fire in the reeds along the shore of lake Ohrid. Similar fires were reported twice in the past months near the village of Kaliste. Such incidents are often started by local developers who want to convert stretches of the shore into beaches. The reeds...

Macedonia 02.04.21 | 21:55

Bulgarian MEP Dzhambazki claims Ohrid as the Bulgarian capital

Bulgarian nationalist member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki made new territorial claims against Macedonia in his latest interview with Radio Free Europe. Fresh out of a controversy where he posted a video claiming that Macedonia is Bulgarian and calling Macedonians “temporary managers...

Macedonia Culture 19.03.21 | 19:28

Culture Minister Stefoska wants to ban the cities of Ohrid and Struga from making their own urban plans

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska called on the Government to revoke the authority of the municipalities of Ohrid and Struga in urban planning. Her reaction comes after the city of Ohrid allowed the demolition and redevelopment of Hotel Park, which has caused outrage in a generation of architects trying...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 12:00

Pre-election employments in Ohrid

Only a few months before the local elections, the party employments and taking SDSM members in. Recently, JP Gradski Pazar Ohrid issued a job advertisement for the archivist position. Now, the Municipality of Ohrid is looking for an associate for monitoring the local economic development. The salary...

Macedonia 02.03.21 | 19:17

Association of Architects protests the planned new Park hotel in Ohrid

The Association of Architects of Macedonia called on the Ohrid municipal authorities to prevent the planned construction of a new hotel at the site of the Park hotel which was recently demolished. The Association warns that the large new hotel will further endanger the status of Ohrid as an UNESCO heritage...

Macedonia 20.02.21 | 14:01

People of Ohrid are massively signing the initiative to nullify the census law

The people of Ohrid are massively signing the initiative to nullify the census law on three stands set up on the city square. The people who are signing the initiative say that we need a statistical operation, a correct and accurate census of the population, and not a fake and political one that the...

Macedonia 11.02.21 | 12:36

Once an elite resort for party commissars, Elen Kamen is beset by unregulated development

Elen Kamen, the once elite villa district for Communist era officials built on the rugged lake Ohrid coast, is now open for development with little oversight. Local environmentalist groups blame Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko of allowing unchecked construction at the resort – which has contributed to...

Macedonia 30.01.21 | 11:13

Ohrid ran out of Covid tests for paying patients

The Ohrid hospital has ran out of Covid-19 tests for paying citizens. Citizens from Ohrid and Struga who need to travel abroad are now forced to go to Bitola, Tetovo or Skopje to get tested, increasing costs and complicating their trips as the tests often need to be done just a few days before the trip.

Macedonia 27.01.21 | 17:21

Strong commitment, engagement and coordination needed to preserve the heritage of Ohrid region

Natural and cultural heritage have universal value for us as individuals, communities, societies and wider organizations. They need to be preserved for future generations, said EU Ambassador David Geer sharing the concerns of UNESCO that the Ohrid region could be inscribed on the list of world heritage...

Macedonia 25.01.21 | 13:15

SDSM local official issues a death threat aimed at an opposition activist

Svetozar Stefanovic, head of the Ohrid public water utility company where he was appointed by the ruling SDSM party, issued a death threat to an opposition activist. Stefanovic was commenting on a Facebook post by journalist Vasko Eftov, who was sharing his interview with Aleksandar Pandov from the opposition...

Macedonia 22.01.21 | 14:19

SDSM linked polling agency is raking in contracts from SDSM appointed mayors

The Ohrid town hall has also signed a contract with the politically linked polling agency Rejting (rating), owned by the son of former SDSM party official Gjorgji Spasov. This contract is estimated at nearly million denars (15,000 EUR), so that Rejting can provide “consulting services” and...

Macedonia 19.01.21 | 16:48

Police raided the Epiphany celebration in Ohrid

Hundreds of citizens of Ohrid gathered at the Macedonia quay despite orders not to celebrate the Epiphany/Vodici holiday, and dozens leapt into the blessed waters of the lake. Police officers came to the site and were requiring citizens to provide identity papers, as the crowd sang Christian anthems. This...

Macedonia Culture 14.01.21 | 12:45

Highly critical UNESCO report sparks concern in the Zaev Government

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev held an e-conference with a number of ministers and local officials yesterday to discuss the dire report prepared by UNESCO, which found that the cultural and natural legacy of Ohrid is under threat. Zaev tried to blame the previous Government for the over-development of the...

Macedonia 11.01.21 | 13:44

UNESCO details a long list of problems that endanger the culture and nature of Ohrid

UNESCO published its preliminary report on Ohrid, listing all the failures of central and local authorities in protecting this unique cultural and historic region. UNESCO is preparing to move Ohrid onto its list of endangered areas of cultural heritage because of the lengthy period of failures to protect...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 14:34

Lake Prespa levels drop to 1.52 meters below the December average, 50 centimeters below the biological minimum

The Hydro-Meteorological Bureau informed today that the level of lake Prespa declined by a centimeter and a half in a day, and is now 1.52 meters below the December average. The level is 50 centimeters below what is considered the bare minimum needed to preserve the lake and its region as a biological...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 12:46

Mining causes interruptions in traffic between Kicevo and Ohrid

Motorists driving between Kicevo and Ohrid will face interruptions between 12 and 15h, due to mining near the village of Vrbjani. Traffic will be blocked for 15 minute intervals. Motorists are advised to drive carefully.

Macedonia 29.12.20 | 13:36

Happy New Year – from the depths of lake Ohrid

Divers from the Amphora club in Ohrid and the local Underwater activities club congratulated the public on the coming 2021, in their own typical style. Divers took the message to the bottom of lake Ohrid, and dove to several locations, near the Bay of Bones, Trpejca and the St. Naum monastery, along...

Macedonia 24.12.20 | 20:30

Judge dismissed for allowing a murder suspect to flee the country

Judge Vesna Kiceec was removed from office by the Judicial Council today. She was the presiding judge in the murder trial of Dimitar Matiloski (26) from Ohrid, killed by Serbian citizen Bojan Ugrenovic in 2016. The Council found that Kiceec dragged out the trial, allowing Ugrinovic to flee the country.

Macedonia 23.12.20 | 14:39

Bozinovski: Ohrid General Hospital turned into covid center, the citizens are left alone

Lack of drugs, lack of therapy, lack of treatment protocols, health workers without protective equipment are just some of the problems and chaos that occur in healthcare. If for the Director of the General Hospital and the Ministry of Health investments in healthcare were a priority instead of fake PR,...