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Economy 13.04.24 | 12:22

The next Government will have to fight corruption and ensure economic stability, Slaveski says

VMRO-DPMNE official Trajko Slaveski announcecd that once in power, the party will begin a serious fight against corruption.  Corruption is the gangrenous wound on our society. Everybody sees what’s happening in the country. It is noted not only by the ordinary citizens but by international experts...

Economy 23.08.23 | 09:33

Government Minister demands answers after the latest increase of the price of bread

Agriculture Minister Ljupco Nikolovski accused the baking industry of unfairly increasing the price of bread, even though it was able to purchase grains at a discounted price. The raw material was made available at half price this year. It would be fair to avoid speculations and to avoid price fixing....

Macedonia 17.08.23 | 15:04

Postage prices higher as of September

According to the Postal Agency in a press release, international shipping and mailing services will cost higher as of September. Postal service companies will charge more for delivering letters, postcards, printed materials, and small packages worldwide, the release said, citing higher costs as a reason. Also,...

Economy 27.07.23 | 22:28

ERC: Fuel prices go up by two denars

As of midnight, the price of fuels will go up by MKD2 per liter, said the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on Thursday. The new price of EUROSUPER BS-95 will be MKD 84.5 per liter, EUROSUPER BS-98 will be sold at MKD 86.5, EURODIESEL – MKD 74.5, and extra light household oil – MKD 73.5 per liter. The...

Economy 03.04.23 | 11:07

Government plans to freeze the prices of fruits and vegetables

The Government is expected to add a number of staple fruits and vegetables to the ever growing list of products whose prices are fixed. Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi announced that this will include tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bananas and citrus fruits, after the prices were already fixed for eggs,...

Economy 29.03.23 | 11:10

New “freezes”: After hygienic products, restrictions on price of fruits and vegetables also being considered

The government is set to take a decision on freezing the prices of hygiene products at a meeting today and decide on the prices of some fruits and vegetables during this week. The Government assesses that its decisions on prices are generally respected and announces that there will be other interventions...

Economy 28.03.23 | 12:41

Prices of hygiene products to be capped on Wednesday, prices of some of vegetables and fruits also in the coming days

Most likely, at the government session tomorrow, a decision will be made to freeze the prices of hygiene products. We will achieve what we announced earlier, said Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi. He informs that all analyses regarding such decisions on reduction and freezing have already been...

Economy 22.03.23 | 09:05

Government now plans to freeze prices of fruits and vegetables

After making similar decisions with the prices of bread, rice, eggs and dairy products, the Government now plans to freeze prices of fruits and vegetables. This is the option that the Kovacevski Government resorted to after run-away inflation that it failed to control through usual, market friendly means....

Economy 16.03.23 | 09:45

Dimitrieska Kocoska: Freezing prices without support from the Government to producers leads to an increase in prices

Freezing prices without support from the government to producers, and at the same time, which is very crucial, a predictable economic environment gives us the same results as a continuous increase in prices, says Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE in an interview with the “Top...

Economy 09.03.23 | 14:38

Prices of pasta and dairy products to freeze

Tomorrow, the government will announce the limit on the prices of pasta and dairy products, following the example of bread. The Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, said that they will intervene in the prices of other products, that is, wherever there are “profits or margins from what is regular”. Tomorrow...

Economy 07.03.23 | 22:27

Inflation watch: Prices went up by 25.3 percent in a year

In one year, the price of food and beverages went up by 25.3 percent, the State Statistics Bureau informed. According to their latest inflation related data, overall the cost of living went up by 16.7 percent and the index of retail prices went up by 12.4 percent yoy.

Macedonia 05.03.23 | 11:19

Even after it caused bread shortages, the Government plans to freeze prices of more essential products

Goran Trajkovski, head of the market inspection service, announced that the Government will freeze the prices of other products, even after its move to freeze the price of bread caused shortages across the country. After several days of shortages, the large industrial bakeries began to deliver some quantities...

Economy 16.01.23 | 11:24

Prices of apartments continue to rise

According to the census data, more than a third of the total 839,174 listed apartments are empty. 531,987 apartments are inhabited, and the remaining 36.6 percent, or 307,187 apartments are empty. Of the Skopje municipalities, Centar has the most empty apartments – 10,865 or over 40 percent of...

Macedonia 27.11.22 | 15:33

Large increase in the prices of cadastre services

The Government plans to increase prices for cadastre services. According to VMRO-DPMNE, the public institution is insolvent, and is now resorting to huge price hikes. The cost to correct issues with cadastre reports will be doubled, from 750 to 1,552 denars. The most common service – issuing a...

Economy 15.11.22 | 09:49

Gas prices reduced slightly

The Regulatory Energy Commission reduced gas prices today. Diesel, whose price has been surging, is now down 2.5 denars per liter to 96 denars. Unleaded blends are down 0.5 denars to 93.5 and 96 denars per liter.

Economy 01.10.22 | 10:40

Even with some of the lowest wages in Europe, Macedonians are forced to pay as much or more than Germans do for basic food items

The large inflationary spike in prices of staple items like flour and sugar have hit consumers in Macedonia very hard. But the blow is even worse due to the small market and the fact that wages in Macedonia are among the lowest in Europe. Republika is sharing prices in supermarkets in Germany, to compare...

Economy 29.05.22 | 20:51

New rise in prices of basic foodstuffs

Although the opposition demanded that the measures last until the end of the year, the deadline for some of the anti-crisis measures ends on Wednesday, after which an additional increase in the price of basic foodstuffs is expected. According to Sitel information, the price of cooking oil is expected...

Economy 26.04.22 | 12:08

Enormous increase in the price of sugar, beer, yogurt, toilet paper – the authorities do not know how to stop the “robbery” in the Macedonian stores

In the last two weeks, the Cenometar.mk web service has noticed unprecedented price increases in many products in the supermarkets. Given that this increase is systematic, we believe that this is not inflation, but a coordinated action to increase the price of many products, under the pretext of inflation...

Economy 04.04.22 | 13:48

Fuel prices go down

Fuel prices are set to go down this evening by 2.5 percent, due to the drop of global oil prices. The RKE regulatory commission announced that diesel will be sold for 82 denars per liter – down 1.5 denars, while the BS-95 and BS-98 fuels will be sold for 81 and 83 denars – down 2.5 per liter.

Economy 17.03.22 | 19:24

Gas prices go down 3.3 percent

Gas prices will go down by 2 denars a liter and diesel will go down by 3 denars this evening, as result of the lowered oil prices in the global markets. The Regulatory Energy Commission said that the average reduction in prices will be 3.31 percent. This gives some respite to motorists, after the shocking...