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Economy 16.03.22 | 17:20

Railway traffic resumes after the “scheduled” monthly strike

Railway traffic resumed in Macedonia after several days due to a strike caused by the late salaries. Railway workers now go on strike every month as the salaries are usually late. They now expect to receive half of their due salary on Thursday.

Macedonia 24.02.22 | 19:39

Railway disaster narrowly averted in Prilep

A railway disaster was narrowly averted near Prilep yesterday, when three minors diverted the railway tracks. A railroad employee noticed what was done and switched the tracks back. Prilep police informed that there was a real danger of train collision. The three culprits were detained and are being...

Economy 26.01.22 | 15:59

Railway traffic in Macedonia paralyzed due to strike

All railway traffic in Macedonia has been suspended since this morning, due to a strike called  by the engineers’ union. It’s an automatically generated strike, after the management is late in paying out the second half of the salaries for December. The union decided to begin a strike whenever the...

Macedonia Economy 19.05.21 | 23:07

“Macedonia needs to seek EU grants for a high speed railway link with Serbia and Greece”

Macedonia should look for ways to ensure European support for major infrastructure projects, from the announced line of credits worth 20 billion EUR and grants of 9 billion EUR. During a Konrad Adenauer Foundation event, Nikoloski said that Macedonia needs to push for a new, fast railway link with Greece...

Macedonia Economy 25.02.21 | 10:22

Minister Besimi is asking for EU funds for the railway link to Bulgaria

Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi met with the EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi in Brussels to discuss EU funding for infrastructure projects. One of them, Besimi said after the meeting, is the planned railway line between Kriva Palanka and Deve Bair. This would be the final stretch of the long...

Macedonia 26.01.21 | 14:56

Passengers on the Skopje – Bitola train were forced to use a dangerous gas canister for heating

Lack of heating on trains has forced passengers to use an exceptionally dangerous mode of heating, said the VMRO-DPMNE transportation committee. It shared a picture from the Skopje – Bitola train in which someone had put a heater that uses a gas canister. The committee notes that there is a long...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 12:03

“What happened to the railway reconstruction to Kicevo?”, Mickoski asks Zaev

Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski called out Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for one of his forgotten promises – to reconstruct and rehabilitate the railway line from Skopje to Kicevo. They promised to initiate the project to reconstruct the Skopje – Kicevo railway line. Nothing was done, Mickoski...

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 13:25

Zaev’s new railway chief insists that the long delayed link to Bulgaria will be completed in five years

SDSM official Hari Lokvenec, who is being named to head the Macedonian Railways, insisted that the long awaited link to Bulgaria will be completed in five years. One of the demands of the Bulgarian side is that Macedonia finally gets serious about completing infrastructure links between the two countries....

Macedonia Economy 15.10.20 | 20:47

Under DUI management, Macedonian Railways focuses on building a link to Albania

An all Albanian meeting of representatives of the Macedonian and Albanian railways focused on building a railway link between the two countries. Macedonia set as priority building a railway link to Bulgaria, still bearing the bitter memories of the Greek and Serbian embargoes in the early 1990-ies which...

Economy 24.06.20 | 20:26

Government plans to take the German Wiebe company to court over the Kumanovo – Beljakovce railroad dispute

Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski announced a court case against the German Wiebe company, which is building the Kumanovo – Beljakovce section of the planned railway to Bulgaria. Sugareski accused the German company of violating the contract and abandoning the project. He said that the Macedonian...

World 06.04.20 | 13:00

Hungary will speed up construction of the Budapest – Belgrade railway

Hungary plans to speed up construction of the Budapest – Belgrad railway, which is expected to be part of the major One Belt One Road initiative spearheaded by China. A contract to build the link was signed in 2014, but faced various bureaucratic hurdles. But now, pressed by the need to provide...

Economy 05.02.20 | 10:57

Trains remain idle as railway workers’ strike enters second day

Railway traffic in Macedonia is blocked for the second day today, as workers demand a pay increase of between 30 and 40 percent. The management of the public railway company has denounced the strike as illegal and Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski called on the workers to go back to work, insisting...

Macedonia 07.08.19 | 15:47

Felled poplar tree disrupts railway traffic for hours

Railway traffic was disrupted for hours yesterday, after a poplar tree was felled right onto the tracks between Skopje and Veles. The incident happened mid afternoon, and the disruption lasted until late in the evening. A train leaving from Skopje for Bitola was delayed for more than four hours. Two...

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