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Macedonia 01.09.22 | 22:50

Macedonia and Serbia to sign EU integration cooperation memorandum

Serbia’s and Macedonia’s path toward EU membership is not easy and they both share many things in common to cooperate and share experiences and as a result the two countries will sign a European integration cooperation memorandum, Deputy Prime Minister Bojan Maricic and Serbia’s Minister...

Macedonia 23.05.22 | 20:56

Serbian church refers to the Macedonian church under its full name

The Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church completed its May meeting, and it affirmed its offer of a broad autonomy to the Macedonian Orthodox Church. This falls short of the requested full autocephaly or independence that Macedonia wants. On the positive side, the Serbian church used the full name of...

Macedonia 11.05.22 | 10:20

Macedonian and Serbian churches resume negotiations on their future relationship

The Macedonian Orthodox Church is resuming its decades long talks with the Serbian Orthodox Church about its future status, after the Ecumenical Patriarch admitted the Macedonian church in canonical unity with the other Orthodox churches. There are widespread rumors that Ohrid and Pec are finalizing...

Macedonia 09.04.22 | 11:10

Serbia did not allow exports: Producers are panicking for raw materials, we will run out of cooking oil

Despite yesterday’s announcements by the Government that an agreement was reached for Serbia to lift the ban on wheat, corn and raw sunflower oil exports to our country, in the decision after the session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, sunflower oil is not mentioned anywhere. A statement...

Macedonia 07.04.22 | 17:45

Serbia allows grain exports to Macedonia

The Serbian Government approved the sale of wheat and corn to Macedonia. Serbia largely stopped grain exports to protect its food security, but eventually determined that exporting to Macedonia would not affect its own interests. The Serbian Government informed that grain companies can now trade with...

Balkans 04.04.22 | 00:18

Vucic wins big in Serbian triple elections

President Aleksandar Vucic declared a major victory in the triple elections that took place today in Serbia. Vucic won re-election outright, with 59.9 percent of the vote, well ahead of his closest rival Zdravko Ponos with 17 percent. His SNS party will also have over 120 seats in Parliament, against...

Balkans 03.04.22 | 23:16

Serbia: Aleksandar Vucic and his SNS party score easy victories in general and presidential elections, may stumble in the local race for Belgrade

Early election results from Serbia show that President Aleksandar Vucic likely won re-election in the first round, carrying 59.8 percent of the vote amid a weak and divided opposition field. His best performing opponent, Zdravko Ponosh, won 17 percent, followed by a smattering of candidates that polled...

Economy 09.03.22 | 11:35

Macedonia could be hit by Serbian ban on grain exports

Grain supply to Macedonia could be in danger as Serbia announces that it will stop exports of corn and wheat. Serbia recently gave 50,000 tons of wheat and 25,000 tons of corn to Macedonia, and its President Vucic announced that the neighboring countries will be exempt from future export bans. But Vucic...

Macedonia 02.03.22 | 21:03

Macedonia requested 50,000 tons of wheat and 25,000 tons of corn from Serbia

In his extraordinary address to the public regarding the political and economic crisis over the military conflict in Ukraine, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia will deliver 50,000 tons of wheat and 25,000 tons of corn to Macedonia at its request, MIA reports from Belgrade. Today we...

Balkans 20.12.21 | 20:13

Open Balkan summit: Albanian protesters burn the Serbian flag in Tirana

Albanian protesters burnt the Serbian flag in Tirana, wile protesting against the Open Balkan summit hosted by Prime Minister Edi Rama. Opposition parties in Albania, and the Government of Kosovo, oppose the so-called Mini Schengen initiative, which they fear will end up being Serb dominated. The initial...

Balkans 20.12.21 | 17:15

Macedonian citizen caught in Serbia trying to smuggle clothes soaked with cocaine

Serbian customs officers detained an ethnic Albanian citizen of Macedonia last week as he was trying to smuggle cocaine from Ecuador. The drugs were soaked into his clothes, the officers found. The smuggler was caught when the officers noticed a strong acidic smell from his suitcase. He tried to explain...

Balkans 30.11.21 | 20:16

Serbian government approves opening of Macedonian consulate

The Serbian government approved at its latest session the opening of a Consulate of Macedonia in Serbia. The decision was published in the Serbian Official Gazette, MIA reports from Belgrade. The headquarters of the Consulate of the Republic of Macedonia will be in Cajetina. Consent is given for opening...

Macedonia 20.10.21 | 12:41

Serbian citizen caught transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba

Gevgelija police detained a 19 year old Serbian citizen who was transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba – tow of them underage. The migrants were driven in a Ford Galaxy with Skopje license plates. The smuggler was taking them north, likely to Serbia, on their way toward core EU member states.

Balkans 13.10.21 | 18:48

Kosovo and Serbia on the brink again

Tensions are high in the north of Kosovo, after Kosovo-Albanian police shot and badly wounded a Serbian man. Six Kosovan police officers were injured and three persons were arrested in the incidents that broke out during a police raid ordered by the Kosovan Government. The incidents shortly after Kosovo...

Balkans 01.10.21 | 23:23

Hungary and Serbia open their new gas connector

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and the Serbian Police Minister Aleksandar Vulin opened the gas inter-connector that will supply Hungary with gas delivered through the newly built Russian trans-Balkan pipeline. Deliveries begin today, Serbian media reported. Hungary signed a 15 years long...

Macedonia 03.09.21 | 17:15

Two Macedonian diplomats arrested in Serbia on an Armenian warrant, after helping a fugitive

The MKD.mk news site reports that two Macedonian diplomats were arrested in Serbia, apparently on request from Armenia. One of the diplomats is identified by the site as Mile Milenkoski, and he was reportedly the first to be arrestted, some time last week, while he was trying to enter Macedonia. According...

Other sports 08.08.21 | 11:40

Serbia wins gold medal in men’s water polo competition at Tokyo Olympics

Serbia beat Greece 13-10 for back-to-back Olympic men’s water polo gold on Sunday in the final sporting competition of the Tokyo Olympics. Serbia broke a 10-10 tie with three unanswered goals in the fourth quarter to settle a close match against the Greeks who were appearing in their first major final...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 18:53

Serbia sends four helicopters to extinguish fires in parts of the country

Serbia sent four helicopters to extinguish fires in parts of the country, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski informed on Facebook on Tuesday. They sent us four helicopters to extinguish the fires, which will join our two helicopters. We’ll do the best we can to put out raging blazes across the country,...

Macedonia 27.06.21 | 15:15

Sixty-minute wait times at Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia

Long lines of vehicles and thirty- to sixty-minute wait times have been reported at the Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia. Most Macedonian citizens go to Vranje and Nis to get a Covid-19 jab.

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 13:24

Macedonians go on individual and organized vaccine trips to Serbia

While thousands of Macedonian citizens are going independently to Serbia, for their booster shots, some of the organizations which helped drive the initial wave of immunization in March are also organizing trips there. The SKM chamber of commerce, for one, organized trips to Nish, where citizens who...

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