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Macedonia 03.09.21 | 17:15

Two Macedonian diplomats arrested in Serbia on an Armenian warrant, after helping a fugitive

The MKD.mk news site reports that two Macedonian diplomats were arrested in Serbia, apparently on request from Armenia. One of the diplomats is identified by the site as Mile Milenkoski, and he was reportedly the first to be arrestted, some time last week, while he was trying to enter Macedonia. According...

Other sports 08.08.21 | 11:40

Serbia wins gold medal in men’s water polo competition at Tokyo Olympics

Serbia beat Greece 13-10 for back-to-back Olympic men’s water polo gold on Sunday in the final sporting competition of the Tokyo Olympics. Serbia broke a 10-10 tie with three unanswered goals in the fourth quarter to settle a close match against the Greeks who were appearing in their first major final...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 18:53

Serbia sends four helicopters to extinguish fires in parts of the country

Serbia sent four helicopters to extinguish fires in parts of the country, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski informed on Facebook on Tuesday. They sent us four helicopters to extinguish the fires, which will join our two helicopters. We’ll do the best we can to put out raging blazes across the country,...

Macedonia 27.06.21 | 15:15

Sixty-minute wait times at Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia

Long lines of vehicles and thirty- to sixty-minute wait times have been reported at the Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia. Most Macedonian citizens go to Vranje and Nis to get a Covid-19 jab.

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 13:24

Macedonians go on individual and organized vaccine trips to Serbia

While thousands of Macedonian citizens are going independently to Serbia, for their booster shots, some of the organizations which helped drive the initial wave of immunization in March are also organizing trips there. The SKM chamber of commerce, for one, organized trips to Nish, where citizens who...

Macedonia 18.06.21 | 17:40

Over 15,000 Macedonian citizens expected to get re-vaccinated in Serbia in the coming days

Over 15,000 Macedonian citizens are expected to receive their booster shots in Serbia this weekend and in the coming days. This is the large first wave of citizens who flocked to Serbia in late March, at a time when Macedonia had almost no vaccines, but Serbia was offering vaccination with Astra Zeneca...

Macedonia 18.06.21 | 10:15

Hundreds of cars waiting in line to enter Serbia as Macedonia suffers from vaccine shortages

Dozens of vehicles are waiting in a long line at the Tabanovce border crossing between Macedonia and Serbia, many of them likely headed toward the vaccination points in Vranje and Nish. Macedonia suffers from a major lack of vaccines, while Serbia has plenty of vaccines, even for foreign citizens. This...

Macedonia 15.06.21 | 10:49

Gratitude for the vaccines – Macedonia begins issuing free road toll passes to Serbian citizens

Border authorities began issuing electronic passes to Serbian citizens entering Macedonia on their way to Greece. The pass will be used to avoid paying the road toll. This move is meant as an expression of gratitude, after Serbia allowed Macedonian citizens to get vaccinated, starting in March when Macedonia,...

Balkans 05.06.21 | 23:02

2,000 citizens from Macedonia and BiH vaccinated in Serbia over the weekend

Free vaccination of citizens from neighboring countries continues in Serbia, with Macedonian citizens flocking to Vranje over the weekend to get the Covid-19 jab, and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina getting vaccinated in Loznica, RTS reported. According to the Serbian public broadcaster, during...

Macedonia 05.06.21 | 10:47

Serbia to the rescue again: Hundreds of Macedonians go to Vranje to get Covid-19 jab this weekend

Organized by the Serbian Cultural Information Center “Spona”, during the weekend a new group of about 800 citizens of Macedonia will get vaccinated against Covid-19 at the vaccination site in Vranje. There is still an opportunity to apply, but “Spona” says that this action was...

Balkans 04.06.21 | 09:13

Serbia starts producing Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine

Serbia officially starts producing Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine on Friday. The substance needed for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived at Serbia’s Torlak Institute on Thursday. Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Nenad Popovic said on Thursday that everything...

Economy 26.05.21 | 10:33

Macedonia to give Serbian tourists e-cards for toll exemption

The Government adopted Tuesday the report on e-cards for Serbian passenger vehicles, towards exempting nationals of that country from paying toll during the summer season. For this purpose the Government will spend 172,000,000.00 denars for the purchase of 200,000 e-cards. The measure is aimed repaying...

Balkans 28.04.21 | 14:02

Serbia donates additional Sputnik jabs to Macedonia

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said on Wednesday that Serbia has donated additional 13,000 Sputnik V jabs to Macedonia, for a total of 48,000 vaccines. Brnabic added that Serbia has enough vaccines and that if necessary it will continue to be open to supporting friends and partners in the region.

Macedonia 25.04.21 | 08:47

Macedonian diplomats plan a mass vaccination trip to Serbia

The union of Macedonian diplomats has made an arrangement with their counterparts in Serbia to conduct mass immunization in Vranje on May 8th. A number of Macedonian trade organizations reached such agreements with their colleagues in Serbia, which is awash with vaccines, but the practice is especially...

Balkans 18.04.21 | 10:58

Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo together don’t have as much foreign investment as Serbia

In an interview with B92, Serbian President Aleksandar Vuci emphasized that Serbia has a larger inflow of foreign investments than Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo combined. Vucic exclusively presented documents that show that Serbia has almost twice as much inflow of foreign direct...

Macedonia 14.04.21 | 20:35

Serbia – the main source of vaccines for Macedonia – begins producing the Sputnik V vaccine

Even as it leads the Balkans and much of Europe in availability of coronavirus vaccines, Serbia is about to begin producing the Sputnik V vaccine. It’s Torlak institute, in cooperation with Russian experts, is prepared to begin producing tens of thousands of vaccine shots a week. Serbia is a major...

Macedonia 01.04.21 | 13:37

20,000 Sputnik V vaccines arrive in Macedonia – second donation from Serbia

At Thursday’s press conference Zoran Zaev said that a second donation from Serbia consisting of 20,000 doses of the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine has arrived in Macedonia. This is only the first shipment, another shipment of 20,000 vaccines is yet to arrive, he said. Zaev said that with...

Macedonia 29.03.21 | 20:12

Even Zaev regime officials go to Serbia to get vaccinated

Even members of the Zaev regime used the opportunity Serbia made to get vaccinated. Deputy Economy Minister Kire Kolemisevski (picture) and Zaev’s coalition partner Lile Popovska were among the Macedonian citizens who headed for Belgrade and Nish in Serbia to take the vaccine. Macedonian citizens...

Economy 29.03.21 | 10:58

2,000 Macedonian businesspeople get vaccinated in Serbia

At the initiative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce within the WB6 CIF Chamber Investment Forum, some 2,000 businesspeople from the Economic Chamber of Macedonia received AstraZeneca vaccines this weekend in Nis, Serbia. This is the first such action. We organized it with the support of the Serbian...

Macedonia 28.03.21 | 11:16

Thousands of Macedonians head for Serbian vaccination sites again today, as Western countries scramble to repair the PR damage

Thousands of people were registered leaving Macedonia for Serbia today, for a second day, looking for vaccines. Serbia set up mass vaccination centers in Belgrade and Nish, and opened them for foreign citizens from countries who have no vaccines. News sites are reporting that due to the heavy influx...