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Balkans 04.09.20 | 20:32

Serbia and Kosovo sign a Trump negotiated deal for economic cooperation

Serbia and Kosovo signed a deal for deepening their economic cooperation in Washington, under the auspices of US President Donald Trump. Simultaneously, Israel announced that it is recognizing Kosovo while Serbia announced it will move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The deal does not...

Balkans 03.09.20 | 22:10

Serbian officials say they are under enormous US pressure to recognize Kosovo

Serbian representatives in Washington revealed that the White House has presented them with a 16 point plan which requires Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is meeting with the Kosovan Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti at a summit convened by US diplomat Richard...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:58

Serbia now demands a corona test from arriving Macedonian citizens

Starting today, Serbia requires a recent negative coronavirus test from arriving citizens of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. Serbia was one of the rare places Macedonian citizens could visit without providing the test. The decision will not apply to Serbian citizens returning home.

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 21:13

WikiLeaks: National Security Agency head is “in Serbia’s pocket”!

Excerpts from a US diplomacy telegram/ document leaked by WikiLeaks on social media today reveal that the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Viktor Dimovski, was assessed by a US ambassador in Skopje as a man controlled by the Serbian services. Dimovski, at the time when Branko Crvenkovski...

Balkans 29.07.20 | 11:12

EU socialists criticize investigation into activist groups and media in Serbia

Left leaning members of the European Parliament are calling Serbia out for its alleged investigation into the sources of funding of dozens of activist organizations, most of them also on the left. According to reports in the Serbian media, citing leaks from the Finance Ministry’s money laundering...

Balkans 24.07.20 | 19:29

After their failed summit, US tries to coordinate with the EU on the issue of Kosovo

US Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker is in Brussels for meetings with EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak, over the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia. The US were caught flat footed when the summit between the two countries they were organizing without much coordination with the EU collapsed...

Macedonia 18.07.20 | 15:36

Serbian man caught transporting Syrian migrants

Macedonian police arrested a Serbian citizen who was transporting a group of illegal migrants. The man had 12 Syrian migrants in his vehicle. He now faces charges of migrant trafficking. Macedonia is on the Balkan migrant route, leading through Greece north toward the core EU member states.

Balkans 08.07.20 | 09:42

Return of Covid curfew sparks protest in Belgrade

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s announcement of a weekend curfew because of the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the country sparked a protest in Belgrade on Tuesday night, with a group of demonstrators breaking into parliament. Around 1,000 people gathered in front of the legislature...

Macedonia 02.07.20 | 16:42

Infectious Diseases Commission to discuss Friday special border regime with Serbia, Kosovo

Due to latest developments in the coronavirus situation in neighboring countries, the Commission for Infectious Diseases will discuss at it’s Friday meeting possible reintroduction of special border regime with Serbia and Kosovo or shutting down border crossings with these countries, the Health Ministry...

Balkans 30.06.20 | 13:16

V4: Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia hold a live triple summit

The leaders of Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia will hold a video conference that will be broadcast live on Facebook on July 8. Member of the European Parliament Francois – Xavier Bellamy will also participate with Viktor Orban, Janez Jansa and Aleksandar Vucic in the event named “Europe Uncensored”.

Balkans 30.06.20 | 10:13

Bulgaria will condition Serbia’s EU accession talks with demands for greater rights for the Bulgarian minority

Serbia will not be allowed to open new EU accession chapters in June, especially the chapter on movement of workers, after a number of countries objected and asked for additional progress on the Serbian part. Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that on top of objections from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmarks,...

Balkans 24.06.20 | 17:42

Hashim Thaci charged with war crimes while heading to the White House for a summit with Aleksandar Vucic

The Hague based international court tasked with investigating war crimes perpetrated by the Albanian nationalist groups during the Kosovo war announced that it is charging President Hashim Thaci and former Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli with war crimes. The announcement was made while Thaci was en route...

Balkans 21.06.20 | 22:55

President Vucic party wins absolute majority in the Serbian Parliament

The Serbian ruling SNS party is projected to win an absolute victory in the general elections held today. Turnout was low due to coronavirus fears, and calls for boycott from the opposition, which contributed to President Aleksandar Vucic’s SNS winning over 63 percent of the vote. This will give...

Economy 19.06.20 | 17:54

Foreign investments lining up in Serbia, Macedonia not on the map

The Municipality of Kula has signed a memorandum of understanding with the US-based company Attis Industries. The investor operates in the production of alternative fuels, and it wants to build a production facility in Kula. The president of the municipality of Kula, Damjan Miljanic, says that the company’s...

Balkans 17.06.20 | 14:31

Serbia expects that Russia will support any deal on Kosovo that is reached in D.C.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that he expects Russia to support any agreement Serbia and Kosovo reach at the upcoming negotiations in D.C. on June 27. The Trump administration is convening a summit over Kosovo, with the issue of border changes expected to be on the table. This prompted an...

Macedonia 28.05.20 | 18:56

Serbia opens its border for Macedonian citizens, Greece will make the decision by the end of the month

Greece will determine which countries can have their citizens arrive there without any preconditions by the end of the month. It’s expected that, despite the high infection and mortality rate in Macedonia, Greece will allow Macedonian citizens to enter without having to undergo a test, given the...

Balkans 27.05.20 | 15:04

Members of the European Parliament protest push by the Serbian Government to set a June election date without agreement with the opposition

Eleven member of European Parliament from the liberal Renew Europe group sent a letter to Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi calling on him to pay particular attention to Serbia, as its Government is trying to hold elections in June, without reaching agreement with the opposition on the date of...

Balkans 22.05.20 | 13:47

Hashim Thaci says he dreams of adding three Serbian towns to Kosovo

Kosovan President Hashim Thaci, who is moving forward with a plan to exchange territories between Serbia and Kosovo, said that his dream is to add the towns of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvegja to Kosovo. The three majority ethnic Albanian towns are in Serbia, which is in turning pushing to have several...

Balkans 11.05.20 | 09:24

Croatia opens borders for EU and some foreign citizens, and Serbia opens kindergartens

Starting this morning, Croatia reopened its borders, allowing citizens of EU member states, their family members and foreigners with long term stay in Croatia to come to the country if they have a business or economic interest. Croatia was eager to reopen its borders, given how important tourism is to...

Balkans 23.04.20 | 14:25

Hungary re-opens three border crossings with Serbia for dual residents

Hungary and Serbia re-opened their border for residents and farmers. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Serbian Interior MInister Nebojsa Stefanovic ade the agreement to open three crossings that were closed due to the spread of the coronavirus. Countries in central Europe are slowly re-opening...