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Macedonia 20.06.20 | 09:44

Elderly woman found drowned in the Vardar river

The body of an elderly woman was found in the Vardar river yesterday afternoon. The body was noticed by citizens walking along the river in the Karpos area. Police said that it is a 90 year old woman from Skopje and that an autopsy has been ordered.

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 14:19

Car fished out of the Vardar river

A Volkswagen Polo had to be dragged out of the Vardar river this morning after it somehow ended in the waters. There were no passengers inside and it is still not clear what happened with one theory being that it was a car robbery gone bad. Firefighters found the vehicle largely submerged and filled...

Handball 20.05.20 | 20:43

European handball champion Vardar to be renamed

European handball champion Vardar will be renamed and  as of June 1 it will be called Vardar 1961, the new owner Mihajlo Mihajlovski told TV Telma. We are in the process of taking over the club from Samsonenko. When that is done, we are going to register the new entity, which will be called Vardar 1961....

Sport 18.05.20 | 12:31

Despite financial issues, Dibirov, Dissinger, Cupic and Stoilov will remain in Vardar

Even with the serious financial issues the club faces, some of the top stars of H.C. Vardar announced they will remain on for the next season. These include Timur Dibirov, Christian Dissinger. Ivan Cupic and, of course, the local favorite Stojance Stoilov. Team owner Sergey Samsonenko was pushed out...

Sport 15.05.20 | 16:48

After facing continued pressure against his businesses Samsonenko withdraws from the Vardar football club

Russian businessman Sergey Samsonenko announced that he is giving up the Vardar football club. Samsonenko cited pressures aimed against his businesses as the reason why he can’t continue to financially support the best football club in Macedonia. On several occasions we informed the public that...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 14:04

Three men found dead in various locations in Skopje, no initial connection to the coronavirus epidemic is suspected

Three persons were found dead today, across the capital Skopje. So far there is no confirmation that the incidents are linked with the coronavirus epidemic. One man died while jogging along the Vardar river. Police and a medical team were called up but it was too late to save him. The identity is still...

Sport 02.03.20 | 13:56

Vardar will face Pick Szeged in the next round of the EHF Champions League

Vardar will play against the Hungarian Pick Szeged in the first round of the EHF Champions League. The first game will be played in Skopje between March 18 and 22 and the return leg will be played in Szeged between March 25 and 29. Other pairings include Dinamo Bucharest vs PSG, Celja – Kielce,...

Sport 01.03.20 | 11:02

Borko Ristovski returns to help Vardar in its hour of need

While troubled Vardar keeps losing its better paid players, handball legend Borko Ristovski announced he is coming home. “The Defense Minister” currently plays for Benfica, and has played for Vardar twice in his professional career. Vardar is also signing the young left winger Marko Misevski.

Macedonia 01.03.20 | 10:57

Two girls hit by a car while standing at a bus stop in Skopje

Two girls were injured on Saturday evening when a two vehicles collided in the Gjorce Petrov district and one of them slammed into a bus stop where the girls were standing. The girls are reported to be in a good condition and should be discharged from hospital today. They are reportedly handball players...

Sport 15.02.20 | 22:12

Vardar beats Motor Zaporozhye 38:28

Vardar beat Motor Zaporozhye 38:28 today, which secures a place for the Macedonian and European champion at the next stage of the EHF Champions League. The win is all the greater given the growing difficulties Vardar faces as its main sponsor, businessman Sergey Samsonenko, is pulling out of the club...

Handball 30.01.20 | 12:44

Vardar fans: Pack the stories and political games that you brought into the club, and go away from Vardar!

Following the latest information about the departure of Vardar owner Sergey Samsonenko, Vardar fans “Komiti” said that it was high time for the red and black pride to be excluded from the political games and torture on the club in these almost three decades, in which the most triumphant...

Sport 29.01.20 | 23:19

Macedonia about to lose its one successful sport franchise

Vardar owner Sergey Samsonenko told the handball and football players that they are free to look for other clubs, as his stay in Macedonia is being made impossible. The Russian businessman has constantly been pressured by the Zaev regime, and this is the third time he is declaring his intent to leave...

Sport 28.01.20 | 20:58

Quickly deleted Wikipedia edit gets Macedonia’s hopes up that Kiril Lazarov may be coming to Vardar

It’s probably nothing, but handball fans across Macedonia had their hopes greatly elevated today. The Wikipedia article for Macedonia’s greaters handball player Kiril Lazarov was briefly edited today to state that he now plays for Vardar. The edit was quickly reversed and Lazarov was listed...

Sport 10.12.19 | 10:28

Vardar beats Tatran Presov and wins first place in its SEHA league group

Vardar beat Tatran Presov in the SEHA handball league 28:26 in Skopje yesterday, and clinched the first place in the A group. The defending European champion played without several of its top players, and was down five goals at half-time. But Vardar rallied early in the second half, scoring a streak...

Sport 24.11.19 | 19:10

Macedonian football: Frontrunners held to 1:1 draws, as Shkendija wins big against Renova

Macedonian football league leader Vardar was held to a 1:1 draw by city rival Shkupi in the 15th round. Vardar still leads the table with 31 points, and its nearest competitor Akademija Pandev also dropped two points and as held to a 1:1 draw by Struga Trim Lum. Akademija Pandev is second with 27 points. But...

Sport 09.11.19 | 20:00

Vardar misses last minute chance against Kielce, European Champions League game ends 28:28

Vardar and the Polish Kielce handball team drew their European Champions League match in Skopje 28 – 28. Vardar was handicapped with the absence of Kristopans, and the Polish team used this to play an even game against the defending European champion. At halftime the game was tied 17:16. Vardar...

Macedonia 04.11.19 | 09:56

Body of an elderly woman pulled from the Vardar river in Skopje

The body of a 68 year old woman was recovered from the Vardar river yesteday. The body of the woman, identified by the police to the public only as F.V., was spotted by a passer-by near in the Aerodrom district. After it was pulled out, an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of her death.

Macedonia 22.10.19 | 12:23

Piles of trash collected from the river Vardar – then thrown deeper into the river

As the city of Skopje is now led by politicians who were bitterly opposed to its major redevelopment plan named Skopje 2014, it was expected that much of the new plazas and official buildings will go in disrepair and will be poorly maintained. One of the neglected new features of the city are the three...

Sport 12.10.19 | 20:29

Handball: Vardar destroyed by Kiel, the players begged the fans for forgiveness

Kiel trounced Vardar in the EHF Champions League match today in Skopje. Despite being cheered on by the home fans, Vardar had an abysmal first half, losing 4-16 at the halftime whistle. Vardar’s players missed penalties and many clear chances to score goal, and nothing seemed to work in the first...

Sport 02.10.19 | 10:28

Vardar reaches the top of the SEHA league after an easy win against Tatran Presov

Vardar won an easy victory over Tatran Presov in the SEHA handball league, and rose to the top of the rankings. Coach David Pisonero was able to let more players from the bench have their chance to shine, as Vardar kept an easy lead over the Slovakian team. It was only at the half time when Tatran Presov...