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Macedonia 05.07.19 | 21:00

Policewoman jumped in the Vardar to catch a thief

A thief who apparently stole a purse from a woman in Skopje had the bright idea to evade the police by jumping in the Vardar river. What he didn’t count on was that a policewoman who was chasing him will follow him in the river, eyewitnesses said. A video of the event was shared online and it shows...

Sport 26.06.19 | 10:41

Vardar receives 500.000 EUR from the Macedonian Government, Besir Alili given 16.000

The Macedonian Government yesterday decided to award 500.000 EUR to the Vardar handball club for its second EHF Champions League title. Additionally, 16.000 EUR are given to Besir Alili, who won the gold in the European cadet wrestling championship.

Sport 20.06.19 | 21:25

Vardar signs reinforcements to help defend the EHF Champions League trophy

Vardar signed two Russian reinforcements for the next two handball seasons – Sergey Gorpishin and Pavel Atman will play for the Macedonian and European defending champion. Gorpishin (21) is a pivot and comes from the German Erlangen, while the 32 year old left winger Atman played in Hanover. Latvian...

Sport 18.06.19 | 14:29

Vardar will showcase its Champions League trophy for a week, starting tomorrow

The EHF Champions League trophy will be on display in the Jane Sandanski sports hall in Skopje for a week, during which fans will be able to take pictures. The trophy will be showcased between 15h and 20h, starting on June 19th and ending on the 26th. It’s the second Champions League trophy for...

Macedonia 09.06.19 | 11:49

Police still looking to prosecute Vardar fans

Radio Free Europe followed up with the Macedonian Interior Ministry and the OJO state prosecutors on the course of their investigation against the huge crowd of people which were celebrating Vardar’s EHF Champions League win. Prosecutors intend to go after Vardar fans who were using hate speech...

Macedonia 06.06.19 | 23:09

Zaev plans to sic the police on Vardar’s fans for defying his name change project even as can’t touch threatening Albanian groups

The police and state prosecutors announced today that they will begin criminal prosecution against supporters of the Vardar handball club which they deem used hate speech during the celebration of Vardar’s second title. The Zaev regime faced a mass act of open defiance, as an estimated 100.000...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 17:25

Vardar’s triumphs – a comparison of two welcome ceremonies (GALLERY)

As Macedonia is still sobering up after the national celebration which erupted on Monday evening, as the winning Vardar handball club held a triumphant parade across Skopje with the Champions League trophy, enjoy the pictures from this, but also from the 2017 welcoming ceremony. In 2017, Vardar won the...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 15:41

Pendarovski hosts reception for the new European handball champions

European men’s handball champion Vardar attended Tuesday reception at President Stevo Pendarovski. We welcomed the European champions, our sports heroes from Vardar. Thank you once again for making us proud! We all will commit ourselves for the success story of Vardar to continue to be our pride...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 15:15

Vardar team at government reception: Zaev to propose reward of half a million euros for the European champions

The Macedonian Government held Tuesday a reception for the new European handball champion, Skopje’s Vardar. The management and the handball players were welcomed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Thank you for the happiness and joy you have given us. You are champions of our hearts. We are happy that...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 12:59

The City of Skopje showed how welcome celebration of European champions should not and must not be organized

Following Monday evening’s welcome celebration, today with clear heads we can freely confirm last night’s statement – a catastrophic celebration of the European title! Without a concept, without direction, without ideas. The City of Skopje this year showed how welcome celebration of...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 10:36

Never North, always Macedonia!

Skopje Vardar is a European champion. Exhausted, excited, with a hoarse voice, Vardar handball players congratulated the title to their fans, and they responded by chanting “Champion, Champion!”. Although the celebration was below the level of success, on Monday night it was an honor to be...

Handball 04.06.19 | 00:20

Dibirov: Today we are all Macedonians!

Timur Dibirov was emotional during his address on the stage on Macedonia square, saying to the crowd that he felt like a Macedonian. Dibirov said that he did not expect to feel like this again after they won the title two years ago, and finally said – we are all Macedonians. Two years ago on this...

Handball 04.06.19 | 00:05

I say this for the second time here: Skopje Vardar – European champion

“Stole, you are our icon”, chanted thousands of citizens gathered on Macedonia square to welcome the Vardar players. First to address the gathered crowd was Vardar captain Stojance Stoilov. People chanted his name repeatedly. Stole, the Vardar icon, told Macedonians that the handball players...

Handball 03.06.19 | 23:45

Vardar champions pass underneath Macedonia Gate

Vardar handball players and European champions arrived at Macedonia Square where about ten thousand faithful fans of Vardar waited for more than three hours to welcome the European champions.

Handball 03.06.19 | 23:21

LIVE STREAM from Macedonia Square

Handball 03.06.19 | 22:18

LIVE STREAM: Vardar champions are coming

Vardar handball players landed at the Skopje airport, where they were welcomed by their fans and supporters, they already boarded the bus and are headed to Macedonia square, where thousands of people are waiting for them. Watch live here

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 22:07

Thousands gather to welcome EHF’s champion Vardar

Thousands of fans and supporters have gathered on Macedonia square to welcome the players of Europe’s handball champion, Vardar.

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 21:50

Here are the CHAMPIONS – live stream

Handball 03.06.19 | 21:45

Vardar team lands at Skopje airport

Vardar champions have landed at Skopje airport. They should disembark the plane any minute now.   View this post on Instagram   The CHAMPIONS landed in #Skopje #ehfclchampions #ЕДЕНЖИВОТЕДНАЉУБОВ A post shared by РК Вардар (@rkvardar)...