Friday, 10 April 2020
Culture 10.04.20 | 23:22

Macedonian-Australian animation studio releases ‘Quarantine’

Macedonian-Australian 3-Block Studio has released Quarantine, an animated short film about a man who is social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The coronavirus has radically changed our everyday lives, and each individual has their own way of dealing with isolation,” the studio’s press...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 23:02

Macedonia with highest coronavirus death toll in all former Yugoslav republics

The death toll from Covid-19 in the former Yugoslav republics is 3.8% in Slovenia, 1.4% in Croatia, 4.1% in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2.3% in Serbia and 0.8% in Montenegro. At the moment death toll is highest in Macedonia, standing at 4.5%.

World 10.04.20 | 21:56

Global coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000

More than 100,000 people around the world have died in the new coronavirus pandemic, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University. There are more than 1.6 million confirmed cases, though the true number of infections is likely higher, in part owing to testing shortages. Similarly, the death toll...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 21:12

Culev: 297 Macedonian nationals from northern Italy due to arrive in Macedonia on Tuesday

297 Macedonian nationals are due to arrive in Macedonia on Tuesday from northern Italy, the country’s worst-hit region by the coronavirus, the Minister of Interior, Nake Culev told “Alfa”. They will be transferred to quarantine where they will stay for three weeks. Apart from Italy,...

Economy 10.04.20 | 20:30

Anti-Corruption Commission opens case against Daniel Dimevski, an external collaborator of former Prime Minister Zaev

The Anti-Corruption Commission has opened a case against Daniel Dimevski, one of the external collaborators of the former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev over the lease of the sports hall “Kale”, reported “Ekipa”. He leased it for an incredibly small amount of 600 euros + VAT per month...

Macedonia Health 10.04.20 | 19:50

Filipce does not rule out the possibility that the coronavirus was present in Macedonia much earlier

The virus was detected in the woman, but it is difficult to say what caused the death. However, in the direction of a significantly higher number of flu patients, 37,000, as opposed to 20,000 historically seen years ago, it is possible that the virus was present earlier. Especially considering that there...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 19:13

Mickoski and Zaev’s coronavirus tests were rapidly performed due to their numerous communications and protection of citizens

Today, Hristijan Mickoski and Zoran Zaev were ordered to isolate themselves for a week after the TV Kanal 5 journalist who interviewed them a week ago has been confirmed to have the coronavirus, and their tests came back negative. Mickoski and Zaev’s tests were performed rapidly primarily due to...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 18:36

160 Macedonians repatriated from Belgium and France

160 Macedonian nationals are being returned home after boarding a charter flight from Brussels and Paris. It is the eleventh flight organized by the Foreign Ministry to return Macedonians stranded abroad since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it said on Friday. 35 nationals from Abu Dhabi will...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 18:02

Zaev tests negative for Covid-19

The Ministry of Health informed that the president of the political party SDSM Zoran Zaev tested negative for the coronavirus.

Economy 10.04.20 | 17:57

Government announces account for donations related to coronavirus crisis

The Government announced Friday an account for donations supporting the efforts for management of the economic-health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The donations will be used as support to the activities for implementation of the enforced measures, the Government said in a press release. Funds can...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 17:33

Only grocery stores with special permits can be open during curfew

The only grocery stores that may be open or deliver during the weekend-long curfew nationwide are those with special permits issued by municipal crisis headquarters, according to State Market Inspectorate head Stojko Paunovski. State inspectors on duty will be sent to perform regular checks, Paunovski...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 16:59

Macedonia enters 61-hour lockdown, supermarkets and restaurants will be offering delivery services

The ban on movement across the country is enforced Friday starting at 4 pm until 5 am on Monday, which means Macedonia will be in total lockdown in the next 61 hours. Police officers, army members, healthcare workers, firefighters and farmers are exempted from the measure, adopted by the government. Late-opening...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 16:54

Coffee vending machines banned for use due to being potential virus carriers, gathering place for people

The State Market Inspectorate has so far ordered to shut down 228 coffee vending machines operating at gas stations, tobacco shops and elsewhere as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.  Stojko Paunovski, director of the State Market Inspectorate, clarified at Friday’s...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 16:25

Charges filed against unknown perpetrators for revealing names of Kumanovo coronavirus patients

The Agency for Personal Data Protection filed Friday charges for misuse of personal data to the prosecution after lists of names of people infected with COVID-19 have been published. Reacting to news reported by several digital media outlets that photos of lists of personal data (name, last name, address...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 15:44

Janeva and nine of her deputies charged with hiding the huge bonuses they received

The Anti-Corruption Commission initiated charges against ten top former employees of the disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office. The group, led by former SPO chief Katica Janeva, is accused of failing to report extra earnings in their annual reports. Janeva is currently charged with gross corruption...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 15:26

Out of 496 tests – 48 newly diagnosed coronavirus cases

The Healthcare Ministry informed that out of 496 coronavirus tests conducted in the past 24 hours, there were 48 positive results, most of them in Kumanovo (25) and Skopje (11). This brings the total of confirmed cases in Macedonia to 711, with Skopje and Kumanovo leading the list with 284 and 168 cases. The...

World 10.04.20 | 15:06

V4: Residents taken by ambulance and bus from coronavirus infected nursing home in Budapest

In a Budapest nursing home over a hundred people have been infected with novel coronavirus, and five of them died. The residents were taken away by bus and more than a dozen ambulance vehicles on Thursday afternoon, the V4 news agency reported. Hungary’s chief medical officer also visited...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 14:54

Ohrid Mayor calls on the Government to close his city for outsiders

The city of Ohrid called on the Government to post checkpoints and to ban people from other cities from entry. Ohrid border Struga and the rural Labunista region which, due to their emigrant links to Italy, saw a major rise in coronavirus cases. Ohrid is also an important Orthodox Christian religious...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 14:28

A day after Islamic Community head threatens to “turn Macedonia into Bangladesh”, the Government caves, pays him off

A day after the shocking threat from the head of the Islamic Community in Macedonia that he will re-open the mosques and call the faithful to ignore epidemic curfew rules unless he is paid damages, the Government has approved a payment to the main Christian and Islamic theology faculties. The Islamic...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 14:15

Racket trial hearing postponed over coronavirus fears

The Racket trial was postponed today after a prisoner who was in contact with one of the defendants died from the coronavirus. High profile criminal trials, mostly of opponents of the Zaev regime, were ordered to continue despite the virus, but fear among the judges, lawyers and witnesses has taken its...