Monday, 26 October 2020
Macedonia 26.10.20 | 22:55

Nikoloski: The Zaev regime is cracking down on the free press

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski accused the Zaev regime of ramping up the crackdown on critical journalists, especially those investigating the numerous corruption scandals plaguing Zoran Zaev. Journalists who publish evidence about crimes of the Government are under pressure. The least...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 22:42

A new Macedonia name dispute, this time with Bulgaria

After Bulgaria raised issues with the ethnicity of a number of Macedonian heroes, chief among them Goce Delcev, then the Macedonian language and nationality, the latest dispute that is being raised is the imposed name “North Macedonia”. Bulgaria warned that “North Macedonia” can...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 21:52

Filipce assures the public that he is not planning new curfews

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce assured the public that at the moment there is no intention to re-introduce evening curfews. Macedonia is struggling with a major spike of coronavirus deaths and new cases, with the onset of colder weather. Filipce insisted that there are no plans in place to lock the...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 19:42

Daily corona report: 15 deaths, more than 30 percent of tests come back positive

The Healthcare Ministry reported 15 new coronavirus deaths over the past 24 hours. The deceased patients range from 49 to 78 years of age, and were from Tetovo (3), Skopje (2), Kocani (2), Struga (2), Veles, Ohrid, Kavadarci, Gevgelija and Gostivar. This brings the total death toll to 934. The other...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 18:09

After feuding with the opposition, Minister Filipce now asks for its votes

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce called on the opposition to support the adoption of a law proposed by the Government that would mandate the wearing of masks even when alone in the open, and would ban family gatherings with more than four guests. The radical proposal, which Interior Minister Spasovski...

World 26.10.20 | 17:50

V4NA maps organisations that George Soros expects to bring Trump down

US stock market speculator George Soros prefers not to leave the outcome of the US presidential race on 3 November to chance. During this year’s campaign Soros spent over three times as much to overthrow Trump as he did in 2016. The international V4 News Agency has mapped the route of Soros’s...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 17:44

Skopje Mayor Silegov is trying to adopt a “green action plan” without consulting the public, environmentalists allege

An environmentalist group from Skopje accused Mayor Petre Silegov of trying to have the city’s “green action plan” adopted without consulting environmental groups. “Eko Svest” reveals that the Skopje city council has put the plan on the agenda for tomorrow morning. This...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 17:14

Medical workers are at the end of their strength as the number of coronavirus cases shoots up

Doctor Zarko Karadzovski, who heads the Infectious diseases committee, said that he will not resign in light of the greatly deteriorating situation with the coronavirus epidemic. Karadzovski dismissed allegations of personal corruption and laid the blame for the spiking infection and death rates at the...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 16:52

Police union holds a strike tomorrow

Police officers will hold a protest tomorrow, organized by the KSS police union. The union alleges violations of collective bargaining rights and the dignity of the uniform. We can’t allow the police to be degraded and undermined, said union chief Blagoja Ralpovski. In a recent incident, a number...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 16:44

Turkish citizen caught with 110 kilos of hashish near Ohrid

Ohrid prosecutors filed charges against a Turkish citizen who was caught with 110 kilograms of hashish yesterday. The man was caught on the Resen – Ohrid road while transporting 114 packs of drugs. Officers believe he was supposed to deliver the drugs to someone.

Economy 26.10.20 | 15:47

Gasoline, diesel prices slightly down

As of Tuesday midnight, the prices of gasoline and diesel fuels decrease by MKD 0.5 per liter, the Energy Regulatory Commission has said. The price of EUROSUPER BS 95 is MKD 58.5 per liter, that of EUROSUPER BS 98 is MKD 60.5 per liter, EURODIESEL (D-E V) – MKD 50.5 per liter and extra light household...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 15:18

There should be no MOC Electoral Assembly now, a moratorium should be declared

A moratorium should be declared and the Electoral Assembly of the Macedonian Olympic Committee (MOC) should be well prepared, which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, at 6 pm in the Skopje hotel “Alexander Palace”, said Zoran Gapic, former MOC Secretary General who he held this position...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 14:49

Filipce: Curfew is not a solution

The Minister of Health Venko Filipce after the meeting with the Commission for Infectious Diseases pointed out that curfew is not a solution, but it is necessary for the citizens to respect the measures. Regarding the high number of Covid-19 deaths, Filipce points out that many of them had other chronic...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 13:21

Sahpaska: Situation in kindergartens is under control for now

For the time being, closure of kindergartens is not considered, because the situation with the virus is under control, says the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Sahpaska. The minister added that since the onset of the pandemic until last week, 26 children and 83 employees got infected with...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 12:56

“Pucko Petrol” company wins yet another contract worth EUR 1.3 million, this time with the Ministry of Interior

The “Pucko Petrol” oil company based in the village of Plasnica, owned by the son of DUI MP Ismail Jahoski, Asmir Jahoski won a new public contract, this time with the Ministry of Interior, worth 82,600,000 denars, or 1,343,089 euros for supply with fuel oil and extra light fuel. Just two...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 12:12

Osmani confirms Mickoski’s claims: An additional annex to the Agreement with Bulgaria is being prepared

Working groups from Macedonia and Bulgaria are working on a daily basis in a bid to overcome the differences between the two countries regarding the implementation of the Good Neighborly Agreement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani said Monday, confirming that an additional annex to this document...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 11:17

Police to enter homes upon reports or upon receipt of information

We had a meeting of the main crisis headquarters and we still do not have new recommendations that imply more radical measures. But nothing is ruled out,t he Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski said Monday on Slobodna TV’s “Utrinski brifing” show. At no point will we violate the inalienable...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 11:05

Greece extends travel ban with Macedonia until November 8

Greece has extended until November 8 the air, sea and land travel ban for neighboring countries, including Macedonia, as well as the ban for third-country nationals, MIA reports from Athens. Tourists and foreign nationals who are allowed to travel there can enter Greece by crossing the Promachonas border...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 10:34

Nearly 700 people caught without face masks

In the past 24 hours, 697 people were caught without personal protective equipment, i.e. face masks, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Monday. The Ministry urges citizens to comply with the Government measures and protocols on protection against COVID-19, reads the press release.  

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 10:29

Mickoski: The country pays Zaev with lost lives because we lack an organized system

While Zaev was having fun with a digital congress, and at the same time when he started swearing in the red color that he announced today that belonged to the European Union, he revealed that he was ready for new declarations with the eastern neighbor, because ‘a fish rots from the head down’,...