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World 11.11.22 | 11:46

Police officer dies, another injured, after knife attack in Brussels

A Belgian police officer has died following a knife attack in Brussels that also left another officer injured, the public prosecutor’s office confirmed to dpa on Thursday evening. The officers under attack had called for back-up, news agency Belga reported. The attacker was hit by several shots...

World 10.11.22 | 10:07

WHO reports 90% drop in Covid-19 deaths since last winter

The number of Covid-19 deaths has fallen sharply since last winter, according to the World Health Organization. Last week, some 9,400 Covid-19-related deaths were reported worldwide, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported in Geneva on Wednesday. This is almost 90% less than in February, when this...

World 29.10.22 | 11:52

Orban: Europe fell into the sanctions hole it dug for Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned that the European Union has fallen into its own trap when it imposed sanctions on Russia. He cited the spiking costs of energy and the lack of raw materials that European industry and households are now facing. The sanctions have not worked as Brussels expected...

World 21.10.22 | 10:10

Orban: We succeeded, all options for purchasing gas are open to us

European Union leaders agreed to work on a gas price cap to limit extreme price peaks after lengthy negotiations extended into the early hours of Friday morning in Brussels. We are going to establish a market correction mechanism exactly to limit episodes of excessive gas prices, European Commission...

World 13.10.22 | 16:32

We will not let the sanctions in Brussels destroy the Hungarian economy, Orban tells EU

We will not let the sanctions in Brussels destroy the Hungarian economy!, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

World 10.10.22 | 17:17

Ukraine after the bombing: Ukrainian Embassy shared footage

Today, Russia again committed a terrorist act against the peaceful civilian population of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine in the country informed. The Embassy also shared footage of the bombing. The Ukrainian capital Kyiv and many other cities are under missile attacks, the deputy chief of staff of...

World 10.10.22 | 10:30

Huge explosions rock Kyiv for the first time in months

Large explosions erupted in the center of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Monday morning, after Moscow previously threatened retaliation for the weekend blast that damaged Russia’s critical bridge to Crimea. There were several impacts in the city, mayor Vitali Klitschko said. Clouds of smoke were seen...

World 08.10.22 | 09:58

Russia’s bridge to Crimea severely damaged by explosion

An explosion tore through Russia’s bridge across the Kerch Strait to Crimea early on Saturday, severely damaging it in a major blow to Vladimir Putin more than seven months into his invasion of Ukraine, reports the Financial Times. Russia’s anti-terrorist committee said a truck exploded on the bridge’s...

World 30.09.22 | 18:53

The creator of the French proposal is leaving his advisory position with Macron

The creator of the French proposal for the start of EU negotiations with Macedonia, Alexandre Adam, left French diplomacy and moved to the judiciary. Adam was the creator of the proposal as an advisor for Europe in the office of French President Emmanuel Macron, participated in all negotiations for its...

World 30.09.22 | 18:39

Orban: Brussels lied to EU citizens regarding sanctions against Russia

They lied to the European people in Brussels. They promised the sanctions would not apply to energy, but they did. That as well they said sanctions will end the war. That’s not how it turned out, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

World 30.09.22 | 10:36

Four occupied regions of Ukraine to be annexed to Russian Federation

Four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine are due to be annexed to the Russian Federation on Friday afternoon. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that President Vladimir Putin would sign the annexation treaties in a ceremony in St George’s Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace at 3 pm (1200...

World 27.09.22 | 13:13

Orban: More and more angry people in Europe, we are in denial

The sanctions introduced will cause huge damage to Europe too. In fact, since the war, so in half a year Russia has earned 158 billion euros in revenue from increased energy exports. This is more than Russia’s total annual export revenue for 2021. In addition, half of this money, 85 billion euros...

World 26.09.22 | 18:53

Orban: Increasing energy prices increase inflation in every country

Now, in 2022, the cause of economic problems will be the response to the Russian-Ukrainian war, that is, the war sanctions and the rising energy prices as a result many times, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook. Increasing energy prices increase inflation in every country. These...

World 26.09.22 | 12:55

Orbán congratulates Meloni on victory

According to turnout polls released after the polls closed, the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party is the winner of Italy’s parliamentary elections. According to a poll prepared for RAI television, the center-right coalition can expect 41-45 percent of the...

World 21.09.22 | 09:47

EU enlargement part of debate on eliminating unanimity in decision-making process

The Czech EU Presidency has opened the topic of eliminating unanimous decision-making in certain foreign policy areas. Union enlargement is part of the debate, although not a high priority, according to Czech Minister of European Affairs Mikulas Bek, MIA reports from Brussels. At Tuesday’s press...

World 19.09.22 | 22:42

Royal family bids final farewell to Queen in St George’s Chapel

In Britain, the royal family has bid farewell to their beloved matriarch and the nation’s longest-reigning monarch in a place which has been the setting for both joy and sorrow for the Queen. Mourners at the committal service in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle included the late Queen’s nearest...

World 19.09.22 | 09:29

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral security operation ‘biggest the UK has ever seen’

The day of the Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral marks the climax of what is being regarded as the biggest security operation the UK has ever seen. Huge crowds, royalty and a long list of world leaders as well as other dignitaries will all need to be kept safe as part of the mammoth job facing thousands...

World 10.09.22 | 15:08

Orban: For political reasons, Europe is refusing the use of different energy sources, but Hungary will do what is required by the homeland

If we want to dig to the bottom of the problems, we always end up in the same place: the question of energy. And the situation is that Europe has run out of energy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook. Whatever we have, we have to bring it here from somewhere else because we cannot...

World 10.09.22 | 13:02

Ukraine received a loan of five billion euros from the EU

EU finance ministers today at a meeting in Prague, Ukraine approved a loan of five billion euros so that schools, hospitals and other institutions can continue to work. The loan, which will be backed by guarantees from EU member states, is part of an aid package worth nine billion euros adopted in May....

World 09.09.22 | 20:52

King Charles gives first address as monarch

Britain’s King Charles III has delivered a historic televised address to the nation, paying a poignant and moving tribute to his “darling Mama” the Queen in his first public broadcast as monarch. Charles said of his “beloved mother” the late Elizabeth II: “We owe her the most heartfelt...