VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski called on Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to resign immediately, after a series of organizational and public relations disasters.

In a video published today by Mickoski, the opposition leader cites the measles epidemic which affected even several children suffering from cancer and healthcare providers. Minister Filipce responded to the epidemic by calling for an increase in MMR vaccinations, but the Ministry distributed expired vaccines, which caused fear and doubt in the public. This culminated with the disastrous PR move by Minister Filipce who invited cameras to photograph him fake vaccinating his niece with the MMR vaccine, and only later acknowledged that the whole event was a stunt, and the girl was not really vaccinated.

Видео спот

Во здравството владее хаос. Министерот Венко Филипче исто како и неговиот шеф Зоран Заев, бесрамно ја лаже јавноста, не ги исполнува ветувањата, не може да се справи со состојбите, ги загрозува пациентите, не се грижи за медицинскиот кадар, им наштетува на граѓаните.Здравствениот систем е уништен, а довербата е изгубена.Потребна е одговорност.Оставка за министерот веднаш.Потребни се и промени, потребни се предвремени парламентарни избори

Gepostet von Hristijan Mickoski am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

Filipce destroyed the public healthcare system. All trust is lost, the video sent out by Hristijan Mickoski declares.

A series of other healthcare related mishaps, such as avoidable deaths, refusal to allow treatment abroad for patients suffering from rare diseases and the long delay in the construction of the new Skopje clinic have plagued Filipce’s department in the past months.