According to the latest data released by the State Election Commission (SEC), as of yesterday, a total of 24,830 citizens have signed petitions for the presidency of the state. However, according to the published SEC data, none of the candidates for the head of state has yet collected the necessary 10 thousand signatures from the citizens.

In the SEC’s breakdown, Bujar Osmani, the candidate of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), holds the highest number of signatures, with 8,560. Second on the list is Maxim Dimitrievski, the leader of ZNAM-Za nasha Macedonia, with 5,923 collected signatures. Biljana Vankovska-Cvetkovska, the candidate supported by the Left party, has gathered 4,478 signatures, while the GROM candidate, Stevco Jakimovski, has accumulated 3,091 signatures.