This morning, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that a new section has been introduced on the website The purpose of this section is to facilitate a quicker appointment process for capturing photographs for personal documents.

In the “Submit a request for an appointment” section, citizens are required to enter their social security number, contact phone number, and select the document for which they want to schedule an appointment.

After submitting the request, call center operators will reach out to the applicants on the provided contact number to expedite their requests. The specific section can be directly accessed through the following link:, as explained by the Ministry of the Interior.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior conducts regular updates of appointment lists every three weeks. Individuals with appointments scheduled toward the end of the year will be contacted earlier, and those who have received appointments from May to December will be prioritized for photography sessions.

Fourteen base stations are operational as part of the checkpoint in PS “Prolet,” where citizens’ photographs are taken from Monday to Saturday, functioning in two shifts.