In the past 25 months, a total of 578.26 MW of new energy capacities derived from renewable sources have been successfully integrated, generating electricity that can meet the average consumption needs of approximately 185,000 households, as reported by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on Saturday.

ERC issued licenses in January for renewable energy production, with a combined installed capacity of 27.06 MW. Marko Bislimoski, the president of ERC, highlighted that these statistics underscore the effectiveness of private initiatives and capital investments in the renewable energy sector.

Bislimoski drew parallels, stating, “Over the last twenty-five months, we’ve essentially created a new ecological equivalent to REK Bitola in terms of installed power. However, this time, the energy source is predominantly solar, along with contributions from wind, water, and biomass, as opposed to coal-generated electricity.”

Notably, in the previous year, licenses were granted for the production of electricity from renewable sources, totaling an installed capacity of nearly 399 MW. This represents a remarkable growth of over 160 percent in comparison to 2022, which recorded an installed capacity of 152.2 MW.