Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski visited the Imperijal textile factory in the village of Brvenica near Tetovo, where he outlined to the owners what the VMRO-DPMNE economic program would mean for mid sized domestic businesses.

A hundred families owe their livelihood to this business. We must pay more attention to such businesses, and we need to ensure that we have a business friendly economic climate. Currently, the state doesn’t have a plan and is only making matters worse with it suffocating taxes and regulation, Mickoski wrote on his Facebook account after the visit.

He pointed out that tax receipts are 4.5 percent lower than expected, after the tax hike was put in place.

We have a policy of low taxes and will support the businesses, which will enable Macedonia to become the technology tiger of the Balkans. But to achieve that, we need to make changes which will lift the country out of the economic and political abyss it is in right now, Mickoski added.