Additional Deputy Minister of Interior Mitko Bojmacaliev is encouraging members of the Macedonian diaspora community to approach North Macedonia’s embassies and consulates for the acquisition of travel documents reflecting the country’s new name.

In a social media post, Bojmacaliev disclosed that between October 1, 2021, and February 9, 2024, a total of 47,726 Macedonian nationals had successfully obtained passports with the updated country name through diplomatic missions worldwide.

Currently, 25 diplomatic missions across the globe are actively issuing these travel documents. These missions are located in various cities, including Ljubljana, London, Bern, Berlin, Bonn, Munich, Vienna, New York, Chicago, Venice, Rome, Malta, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Beijing, Malmo, Abu Dhabi, Oslo, Brussels, The Hague, Paris, Toronto, Detroit, Melbourne, and Canberra.