VMRO-DPMNE official Nake Culev expanded on the growing scandal involving the Interior Ministry, which signed contracts with outside vendors for food preparation in institutions that are equipped with staff and kitchens to prepare their own food. Culev set the financial cost of the scandal at 13 million EUR and the company that was contracted is close to Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

The size of the contracts signed with the Industry Service company is by a third higher than what the Interior Ministry used to spend on food before. The company also receives transport costs. Another problem with the contract that Spasovski signed with his close friend Dragan Smilkovski is that much of the food that is being purchased consists of dry food and cans that don’t require preparations. Even the stews and beans that they ordered are canned and produced by other companies, and not prepared by Industry Service. This means that the company was simply putting a markup to products made by someone else, Culev said.