Members of the Confederation of Trade Unions gathered for a protest in front of the government building, citing authorities’ failure to address their year-long demands. Marjan Risteski, the President of the Confederation, urged political parties involved in upcoming elections to prioritize union demands in their agendas, emphasizing the need for the future government to support workers for a better quality of life.

Risteski highlighted a specific concern regarding a law that resulted in a 78% salary increase for officials, indicating the union’s symbolic demand for 79% to convey the resilience of workers and citizens against governmental decisions.

Goce Delchev Todev, President of the Independent Police Union, advocated for a collective agreement aligned with Ministry of Interior conditions, expressing concerns about the safety of police officers within the ministry.

Bobi Bojchevski, National Coordinator of the Independent Union of Healthcare Workers, called for a Transformation Law to modify healthcare workers’ employment contracts, emphasizing their determination to persist in their advocacy efforts.