Greece’s Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou following the meetings in Skopje thanked Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov who stated that the language in “his country has nothing in common with the language of the Greek Macedonians”.

In a statement to the Greek state news agency, after her visit to Macedonia, the Minister stressed the Dimitrov’s statement, who said that according to Article 7 and the spirit of the Prespa Agreement, the Macedonian language spoken by the citizens of Macedonia and its dialects have nothing to do with idioms spoken by the Greek Macedonians.

We welcome Dimitrov’s statement because it puts an end to any fear of non-existent problems that would arise from the language that we have recognized decades ago, said the Greek minister.

Dimitrov has origins from Aegean Macedonia, where hundreds of thousands of people speak Macedonian, and Greece refuses to recognize it, just like the Macedonian minority that Athens calls Slavs, and refuses to give it any rights.

The Macedonian language that Athens says is an idiom of the Greek language, and almost identical to the Macedonian language, with Dimitrov’s statement is no longer recognized by the government in Macedonia as well.