Аfter a large-scale rescue operation, following the tragic bus crash on Skopje-Tetovo highway, all passengers were removed from the bus and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, 14 people were killed in the crash.

TV Klan, late on Wednesday, managed to enter one of the Clinics where injured passengers are being treated and to take a statement from a passenger who was on the bus:

I’m stable, but I am in pain. To tell you frankly, everything happened so fast. Suddenly the bus got out of control, from one line slid into the other and we overturned. We landed in a ditch, I do not know what it was. It all lasted a few seconds. Until we came around we were already upside down. They were all in a very bad situation. The bus was full, we were all returning from work. The 16:15 bus line is the most frequent, the bus was full to the last seat.