Political prisoner Jane Cento, who is charged with terrorism by the SDSM led Government, wrote a letter to his son from prison, assuring him that the family name will remain unsullied. Cento is the great-grandson of Metodija Andonov Cento, the Macedonian World War Two commander who refused to turn over to the Communist side after the war and was imprisoned until nearly dead. Jane’s son bears the name of his famous ancestor.

My dearest son Metodij. This is your second New Year without your father by your side. You are too young and unable to understand what is happening to our family, but when you grow up you will see the sacrifice your father made to preserve the dignity and the honor of our family. You will be able to grow with your head held high knowing that your father fought for Macedonia at its most crucial hour and never gave up, even at the price of being separated from you. When you grow up you will understand that this is the price to pay for knowing that you don’t come from a family of traitors, but from a family of honest and dignified ancestors, who fought for justice. I can’t tell how long we’ll be apart, but remember that your father will come back one day, with his head held high, writes Jane Cento.

Cento refused the offer or amnesty, along with other political prisoners such as opera singer Igor Durlovski and former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov. He was initially released from detention into house arrest, but was detained again under what the family claims is a false report that he left the house. The family insists that this is a repeat of the persecution from the leftist totalitarian regime it has suffered ever since the Second World War because of their dedication to the cause of independent Macedonia and their opposition to Communism.

You carry a glorious name, after your great-great-grandfather. There are many who want to end our blood line, fearful of the Macedonian people who resurrected Cento and his ideology. He was falsely charged and sentenced, but justice came and he was ultimately rehabilitated and cleared of all charges. It is my fate to carry the same burden in the holy struggle for Macedonia. I stood at the forefront of the defense of our country when it was necessary and like Cento, I face a fabricated terrorism charge. One day I promise you I will return to make up for the lost time and the love I should have given you when you at this age. I’m happy that your heroic mother will lead you along the right path and you will also become a great man. The Cento family does not kneel and beg, we fight for our rights, writes Jane Cento in the letter to his son.