Deputy Environmental Minister Jani Makraduli has joined the growing list of Government officials who have received money from public contracts, through close relatives. In Makraduli’s case, a company co-owned by his wife Maja ha received software development contracts worth nearly 90.000 EUR from the Government.

Two of the contracts the company got comes from the Public Roads company, while another was signed with the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Retirement Fund and the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility also awarded contracts to Makraduli’s company.

He responded over his social media accounts and in a statement for Kanal 5 TV.

There is no conflict of interest here. I have not violated any law. Somebody is trying to smear me and is abusing honest people who have been working for 30 years, said Makraduli.

His scandal comes fresh on the heels of allegations against Labour and Welfare Minister Mila Carovska, who did not disclose contracts won by her unwed husband from several Government institutions. Carovska used a loophole in the law which demands that all Government officials list the property of their close relatives, but her, as she said, “informal” relationship, is not covered by the law.