Addressing the 30th OSCE Ministerial Council in Skopje, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Pia Kauma commended Macedonia’s inclusive multiethnic society and successful diplomacy with neighbors, highlighting the country’s understanding of positive engagement within the OSCE.

Kauma acknowledged Macedonia’s unwavering commitment to peace and stability, especially in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine, emphasizing the need to address gross violations of the Helsinki Final Act.

She underlined the interconnectedness of regional development, emphasizing the necessity of peace and stability for progress in the Western Balkans and Central Asia. Kauma highlighted ongoing tensions and conflicts worldwide, from the Middle East to the October 7 terrorist attacks, underscoring the OSCE’s critical role in addressing such complexities.

Emphasizing the OSCE’s importance amid unprecedented uncertainty, Kauma highlighted the Vancouver Declaration’s recommendations and stressed the need for real accountability, particularly in supporting Ukraine. She mentioned her leadership of a parliamentary support team for Ukraine and reiterated her commitment to strengthening engagement within the OSCE.

Kauma stressed the significance of collaboration with the entire OSCE family, especially the ODIHR, citing effective partnerships in election observation. She emphasized the OSCE’s mission extending beyond crisis management to shaping a future where the principles of the Helsinki Final Act are fundamental to peace and stability.