The Komiti – Vardar’s football team fans, called the public to a noisy rebellion on Christmas – January 7th. All opponents of the renaming of Macedonia into North Macedonia and of the on-going political persecution, are called to protest by loudly banging on pots at 9 in the evening.

This is a call to the entire Macedonian people to speak loudly again, like we did on September 30th, and to show that our collective consciousness is still alive and that the banner of Freedom still waves, the Komiti write in their call to the public.

On September 30th the “silent majority” boycotted a referendum on renaming Macedonia into North Macedonia, leaving the turnout, even after ballot stuffing, at mere 36 percent. Even though this makes the referendum result invalid, the Government moved forward with the process and is blackmailing a number of opposition members of Parliament in an attempt to reach the necessary 81 votes.

Христово Рождение – Божиќ, каде и да си дома да си…Поучени од пресветото монашко братство и нашата Православна Црква…

Gepostet von Komiti Skopje am Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019