The EU progress report is the worst we have received so far, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Republika. In a break with the strong support that this Government has enjoyed from Brussels, the report finds no progress in a long list of important chapters and sternly warned the Government about the steps that undermine the fight against corruption.

This is a report about the backsliding of Macedonia, not its progress. We have are record low in the trust in the partisan judiciary and prosecution. I see no vision or perspective that the Government would offer. They used a PR trick to rebrand as a European Front, hoping that it will grant them some support from the international community while they signed treaties that they can’t implement and continue to steal and plunder. They thought that what they do to Macedonia and its citizens is an internal problem, while the international community will only care about the treaties they are willing to sign. There is room for even more criticism in the report, in the misuse of the EU flag procedure and the changes to the Criminal Code where they are trying to issue pardons, Mickoski said.