VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski has made a public appeal, urging citizens to contribute through donations to support the treatment of 18-year-old Leonid Indov. Indov has been in Vienna, Austria, for the past two weeks, undergoing medical care. Last summer, he sustained injuries that left him immobilized, confined to a hospital bed, and dependent on a respirator for breathing. Notably, Indov is the inaugural patient transported for treatment abroad with the assistance of the Ministry of the Interior’s new medicopter.

Despite this effort, the Health Insurance Fund declared that they would not cover the costs of Indov’s treatment, citing the nature of his care as rehabilitation rather than treatment. The required funds for Indov’s treatment amount to 180 thousand euros. Mickoski’s plea seeks the support of the public and encourages donations to assist in covering the expenses for Leonid Indov’s medical care.