During the promotion of Andon Saramandov as VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for mayor of Gevgelija, the party leader Hristijan Mickoski said that Saramandov is the best solution for the city and the citizens.

At the same time, Mickoski sent a letter to Saramandov with 10 rules that he, as a future mayor, must respect and always fight for the interests of the citizens.

In the letter, Mickoski told him to serve the people who placed their trust in him unlike the Strumica family that is only servant of crime.

He also said that the ‘neighbor’ mayors from the government that have one apartment in each new building, which would be great homes for large families or people without a solid roof over their heads, will have the origin of their property inspected.

Moreover, Mickoski tells him Saramandov to immediately solve the acute problem with the landfill in Gevgelija and his first decisions to be committed to this issue.

He also tells him to fight for young people to stay and build a future in the country.

Further in the letter, Mickoski says while mayors of the government are fighting for the economic interests of the top leadership, the party’s candidate should be fighting for the economic interests of all Gevgelija citizens and create conditions for job creation.

Then, Mickoski tells him to surround himself with competent people, professionals, and not with party henchmen as the government does now.

Behind every salary you receive, behind every state penny you are entitled to, know that it comes from the sweat of the tortured people who pay taxes to the state. Respect that money, because it’s from the people, added Mickoski.

He then goes on to sat that Saramandov should work for 4 years continuously, and not just before elections like those in power.

Mickoski also tells him to remain a highly moral person. Create a future. Bring Europe home, he said.

Finally, Mickoski tells the party’s candidate to stay modest as he is until the end. The position must not  change you or intoxicate you like the current mayors from the government who have become local sheriffs. Do not forget where you come from and what we are fighting for, said Mickoski.