Acting legend and conservative activist Toni Mihajlovski believes that the Prespa treaty to rename Macedonia is merely a continuation of the 1913 Bucharest treaty which partitioned the region of Macedonia and dealt a blow to the push to create a Macedonian nation state.

Mihajlovski called for a legal challenge to reverse the Prespa deal as a necessary step to preserve Macedonia.

All international agreements expire after 100 years, only the Bucharest treaty was pushed after 2013, and now we see it gets an addendum in the Prespa treaty. The latest treaty with Greece is even worse than the Bucharest treaty. I hope that the judicial authorities in Macedonia will have the courage to annul the Prespa treaty and all the accompanying violations of the rule of law. We have an illegally elected Speaker of the Parliament, meaning that all the decisions are unlawfully signed into law. The Prespa treaty was signed by two ministers, which is also unacceptable. Laws that were not signed by the President are not valid. So, any normal judicial institution in Macedonia can legally nullify the treaty, Mihajlovski said.

Following the First and the Second Balkan Wars, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece expelled the Ottomans from the Balkans and signed the Bucharest treaty partitioning the newly gained territory of Macedonia, with Greece taking the largest part of the region – Aegean Macedonia – and Bulgaria and Serbia taking Pirin and Vardar Macedonia respectively. This ran against the wishes of the Macedonian people to establish an independent nation state. Shortly after the three countries were fighting over Macedonia again, in the First and Second World Wars, and the issue remained tense during the Cold War as well.