Macedonia, like Albania, can only gain from good relations with Greece. Otherwise, the European road of both countries passes through Athens. And there he will encounter problems, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitcotakis points out in an interview with the newspaper “Real News.

In the detailed and extensive interview in the weekly newspaper, Mitcotakis talks about the European elections, the internal and foreign policy, as well as the relations with our country and says that they will not bring the memoranda to a vote, but also that they expect the new Government to “respect the international legality, as well as her signature.”

– The illegalities of Skopje regarding the name of the country also stem from the fact that the Prespa Agreement was a bad agreement. I warned in Parliament that it was problematic for Greece’s interests, giving nationality and language to its neighbors. Even then, when we voted against it, I pointed out that we would find it before us. But also that as soon as it is voted, we should implement it. Now here comes SYRIZA, as usual, to recycle the famous lies that we allegedly said that when we become the Government, we will not implement it. “They didn’t know who their signature was binding on,” says Mitcotakis. The Greek Prime Minister commented that the opposition party, “with even greater political frivolity” proposes, at this particular moment in time, to ratify the memoranda.

– That is, to surrender all our negotiating weapons. Something that the other side is not even looking for. Of course, we will not bring the memoranda to the vote. But we will wait for the new Government to respect international legality, as well as its signature, emphasizes Mitcotakis