Bulgaria has formally demanded that Macedonian politicians and public figures stop speaking out and comparing the Bulgarian claims against the Macedonian nation with the Russian claims against the Ukrainians.

But at the same time, a high Bulgarian official – former Ambassador Angel Dimitrov who is now head of the Bulgarian team in the joint commission of historians, has accused Macedonia of harboring pro-Russian tendencies and of becoming a “Russian Trojan horse” in the EU if it is ever allowed to join. Dimitrov’s comments were highly hurtful to Macedonia, especially at this geo-political environment. But Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, who has rebuked commentators in Macedonia, has not tried to get Bulgaria to remove Dimitrov from the Commission.

Osmani must make this request and demand that Angel Dimitrov is no longer involved in the work of the Commission. If the Minister closes his eyes and remains silent on this issue, it will be understood as his tacit approval of these positions and they will continue to spread among other members of the Commission, reports the PressingTV news site.