As the tragedy of 14 year old Vanja Gjorcevska, who was murdered last week near Skopje, grips the country and the region, advice on how to handle the investigation comes from neighboring countries. Zarko Popovic, former commissioner of the Serbian police, believes that numerous mistakes were made in the investigation, and that Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski should resign over them.

There is no motive stated, there is no report about the means the act was carried out, no forensics report.. Nothing is given, other than that the girl was killed with a firearm. The reports are very sparse and that adds to the doubts in the public. If I were head of the Macedonian Government, this Interior Minister would be replaced in two minutes. He can’t act like this, he can’t give such statements. It is up to the prosecutor to inform the public. There are many procedural mistakes and illogical moves, Popovic said in a TV interview.