Italian journalist and writer, Tommaso Debenedetti is the creator of the fake Twitter account of President Gjorge Ivanov. By creating fake accounts of world leaders, De Benedetti tries to show that social networks are not a relevant source of information and the public needs to be informed through traditional media sources in which all the facts need to be checked.

Earlier Debenedetti, via the account of the second man in the Catholic Church, lied about the death of the pope and lied about the deaths of Fidel Castro and Pedro Almodovar.

Debenedetti, who works as a teacher in Rome, previously through fake accounts posted on behalf of Hamid Karzai, Bashar al-Assad and other world politicians.

Italian media are not checking the facts at all, Debenedetti says, who today revealed that he is behind the fake account of Ivanov after the Swedish Ambassador to Skopje, Mats Staffansson, welcomed the alleged information about a meeting between Ivanov and Pavlopoulos.