Sources in the Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecutor’s Office have told the news that they have received the information that Rubin Zemon, SDSM member of Parliament and former adviser to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, may have some information about foreign involvement in the bus crash which killed at least 14 people on Wednesday.

Zemon posted the comment on his Facebook page, saying that “some of my foreign friends are not discounting the possibility of sabotage of the bus, ordered from abroad!”. He went on to blame “anti-NATO opinion makers” which made his entire post appear to be an allegation of Russian involvement in the traffic accident.

Zemon had blamed Russia with interfering in Macedonian affairs in the past, and he related the accident to the decision of his Government to begin using the name “Republic of North Macedonia” that was made the very same day. According to, given that the claim comes from a high ranked Government official, who until recently worked directly for the Prime Minister, the prosecutors will ask him to submit any evidence he may have for what he alleged. If he does not do so willingly, it is possible that he will be questioned by the OJO prosecutor’s service.