The VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate in Kicevo doctor Aleksandar Jovanovski expressed his gratitude to his supporters as he goes into the second round after beating the incumbent Mayor Fatmir Dehari from DUI in the first round.

All of you, regardless of your national, religious or party affiliation, said that you don’t want to live in filth and among strewn garbage, in fear from wild dogs or in urban chaos. You said that you are sick of corruption and lawlessness, and want to live in a clean, orderly city, Jovanovski said.

He received support from Albanian voters as well as Macedonians, and has the prospect of increasing Albanian support in the second round, even though his opponent is an ethnic Albanian and former UCK commander. The opposition Albanian parties and their independent challenger Fatmir Limani see an opportunity to chastise DUI and its leader Ali Ahmeti in his main stronghold. Limani is a relative of Ahmeti’s but says that he is abusing his position after almost two decades in power.