After medical examinations at the “September 8” hospital, Mile Janakieski was returned to the Skopje prison in Shuto Orizari, the prison’s director Gjoko Kotevski said. He added that Janakieski complained of pain, and according to him, he had contusions, but no fractures. He added that Spiro Ristovski did not complain of pain, so he was not sent to hospital examinations.

Kotevski says the incidents were separate, and the authorities will determine what were the causes and how they happened. However, he maintains that according to the initial information, Janakieski and Ristovski started the verbal arguments.

The prison undertakes all measures to sanction the perpetrators. Our administration will launch an investigation in order to investigate whether there is any omission by the prison police, Kotevski said.

According to him, the prison police reacted quickly. Details of what happened will be determined through the statements of prisoners who witnessed the incident, but also through surveillance cameras. The prison director said he condemned such incidents and emphasized that they would do everything in their power to prevent them from happening in the future.

We will start a procedure, we are already working on it. There are cameras, surveillance, there are authorized officials that monitor the area. Statements are added. There were not only two people where the incident took place. Let’s wait to see what the investigation will say, I do not want to prejudge how it will be, the director said.