Less than two months after she sent a still classified document to the court to be used as evidence, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva has again revealed classified documents, this time in a Serbian TV report meant to aggrandize her work.

In the report titled “Charlie’s Angels” viewers can clearly see documents that carry the designation “State Secret”, whose publication is forbidden under the law. In the previous scandal Janeva’s SPO service forwarded a classified document to the Criminal Court as it demanded that two former VMRO-DPMNE officials are detained. The document also revealed that the UBK secret service is wiretapping the Office of the President.

The televised report is an independent work and the Special Prosecutor approved its filming. It shows the work of all prosecutors in the SPO such as Lence Ristoska and Fatime Fetai, and the work of the team in examining the allegations from the wiretaps we are investigating, the SPO said in its press release announcing the filming of the “Charlie’s Angels”.