Ivor Mickovski, a journalist and commentator from the left who is often critical of the Zoran Zaev Government, was fired from the pro-Government Telma TV station.

The decision comes after Telma manager Atanas Kirovski warned his staff not to post political comments on their social media accounts. Mickovski was once an official of the SDSM party, but does not sit well with the current SDSM leadership led by Zoran Zaev.

Popular sport when you’re in the Government – racketeer and release, Mickovski wrote recently accusing the Government of taking money from businessmen it charged with corruption in exchange for dropping the charges or amnesty. “We introduced the Special Prosecutor’s Office as an foreign cure for our sick organism, meant to cure us, but the rotten politics discarded this bitter pill. Now we stay sick, and collapse as a country, the rule of law collapses, the public was lied to. All you did was a coup”, Mickovski also wrote recently, condemning the SDSM take over of power under the guise of “justice for all”.

Kirovski said that Mickovski was not a full time employee and that the argument was not because of his comments but because of his poor performance, and that Mickovski left the TV station himself.

The editor in chief had warned Mickovski to focus more on his work. His departure from Telma was by his own choice. I’ve always thought highly of him and treated him as my own child, Kirovski insisted.