A week after the conclusion of the OSCE Summit, calculations are still underway to determine the total cost of organizing this major event for the citizens’ organization.

Everyone present in the “Boris Trajkovski” hall could see that it was adorned with fresh flowers, curtains, drapes, dividers, tables, and chairs. The decoration for this setup was provided by the company “Eurovia,” a donor to DUI (Democratic Union for Integration), and they were paid 1.8 million euros. There is still no information on where the equipment, which was arranged, will end up – whether it will become state property or remain with the decorating company.

In addition to the hall arrangements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the event organizer, signed a contract worth 900,000 euros for the rental of vehicles. The contract with “ABC Rent a Car” amounted to 900,000 euros, and from what could be observed at the Summit, most of the vehicles were “Passat” and “Hyundai i30,” whose daily rental does not exceed 300 euros.