Congratulations to Rabije Murati and Antonio Mitrikjeski for their well-deserved recognition with the 2023 St. Clement of Ohrid national awards! It’s wonderful to see individuals like Murati being honored for their invaluable contributions to education and Mitrikjeski for their remarkable impact on arts and culture.

The acknowledgment by Tomislav Osmanli, the president of the St. Clement of Ohrid national award board, highlights the importance of education, science, and art in inspiring and empowering individuals to make a positive difference in society. Mitrikjeski’s sentiment about the responsibility that comes with the award speaks volumes about the commitment of these awardees to continue their impactful work and motivate future generations to contribute to their country’s development.

It’s heartening to witness such recognition and encouragement for those who dedicate their efforts to areas as crucial as education, culture, arts, healthcare, and environmental protection. These awards not only honor individual achievements but also serve as inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps.