The document received by the Ministry of the Interior from the Macedonian Permanent Mission to the European Union, as mentioned by Minister of Internal Affairs Panče Toškovski and excerpts of which he disclosed on the “Stadium” program, verifies that, aside from Greece, no other country has formally notified that it will not accept passports bearing the old constitutional name. This assertion has been challenged by the current Minister of Future Affairs, Bujar Osmani.

Contrarily, Toškovski contends that the impediment lies with the Macedonian government. According to him, the Law on Travel Documents, which came into effect on February 12, restricted the validity of passports. Toškovski shared excerpts of the letter received by the Ministry of Interior on February 19 from Macedonia’s permanent mission to the EU in Brussels with the listeners of Kanal 77.

As he said, this is why he insists on changing the Law on Travel Documents and thus solving the chaos with passports. According to Toškovski, in addition to Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina has also notified that it will not allow the entry of Macedonian citizens who do not have new passports with the constitutional name.