The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism (APPT) announced in a press release on Monday that the tourism industry has notably contributed $471.59 million to the Macedonian economy during the initial three quarters of 2023.

The press release highlighted a continuous upward trajectory in tourism revenue, specifically noting a third-quarter surge to $241.86 million, marking a significant 26.2% increase compared to the same period in 2022. The cumulative growth across the three quarters of 2023 amounts to an impressive 25% surge in tourism-generated revenue when compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Ljupcho Janveski, the head of APPT, emphasized that the current state of the tourism sector reflects not just recovery but a robust and thriving industry, attributing this success to collaborative efforts over the past three years. He expressed confidence in surpassing the projected $530 million for 2023 and even reaching the anticipated $550 million for 2024, based on the promising results of the first three quarters.

The press release underscored that the country has emerged as a year-round destination, focusing on diverse forms of tourism such as active, rural, and eco-tourism, alongside an enhanced offering in the eno-gastronomic domain. It highlighted how evolving consumer trends have reshaped tourism, fostering new interests and a transformed tourism reality in the region.