A Croatian journalist team, motivated to find out as many details as possible about the kidnapping and murder of Vanja Gjorchevska, spoke with experts and citizens of Skopje, and only she was allowed into the school of the murdered Vanja.

They spoke with the director of Pestalozzi, with Vanja’s headteacher, but also with the neighbors of the murdered girl. It took us 10 minutes from the school to Vanya’s home. On the third floor is the apartment where Vanja lived with her mother and sister. Father Alexander, although the parents were divorced, often stayed in the apartment on the third floor. He adored her, took care of the girls and did not work until they were ten years old, so that story that he gave information to the kidnappers sounds unbelievable. however, the day after Vanya disappeared, he allegedly inquired whether the cameras had recorded the car in which she was kidnapped – the statements of the occupants, the journalists of Jutarnji.hr, are reported

Furthermore, they write that Ljupco Palevski Palco, the main suspect in Vanja’s murder, and 74-year-old Panche Zhezhovski from Veles also had an apartment in the same building. He built the building on the land that was returned to Vanya’s mother’s family after denationalization.