VMRO-DPMNE appointed its Secretary General Igor Janusev as head of the party’s electoral HQ in the run up to the presidential and possible early general elections in April/May.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee, it was again reiterated that the country faces many and deepening problems under the SDSM Government, especially in the sell-out of top national interests. The Executive Committee appointed Stefan Andonovski as foreign affairs adviser to party leader Hristijan Mickoski while Toni Dimitrievski is appointed as adviser in charge of neighborhood policies, and Jovan Jauleski as the next head of UMS youth group of the party.

The fastest and the most efficient way to stop the chaos caused by the Government is to hold early general elections, along with the presidential elections, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release following the meeting on Thursday.

Preparations are under way for the convention on February 16th, when the Central Committee will elect the party’s nominee for the presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the ruling SDSM party is expected to hold a meeting of its Central and Executive Committees on Friday evening, when it will decide whether to accept the challenge and agree to holding early general elections in the spring. Several leading SDSM officials such as minister Renata Deskovska and Damjan Mancevski came out in support of the proposal. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev sounded more reserved on the matter, while Interior Minister Olive Spasovski who has been seen angling himself as the presidential nominee, announced the party selection process will be opened to more candidates.