VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski, who is visiting Washington D.C. for the Prayer breakfast, said that the meetings in the US capital are held in order to raise alarm over the developments in Macedonia.

We met with the NDI President and with members of Congress, and in the coming days we’ll meet with IRI and the US State Department. The reason we are here, which we emphasize during our meetings here are the events in Macedonia, the irresponsible leaders of the country, which have contributed to a spike in crime and corruption and the economic backsliding which impoverishes the country. We also point out to the consequences of the lack of broader consultations over the treaty with Greece and the potential consequences it will have on the Macedonian society. We clearly state that VMRO-DPMNE demands early general elections held along with the presidential elections, when the citizens will be able to determine the future course of the Republic of Macedonia. We demand fair elections, and an end to the threats, pressures and the ballot stuffing. We demand enhanced OSCE oversight at the elections and to condition Macedonia’s NATO and EU accession with holding free and democratic elections, Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski met with Macedonian diaspora representatives in D.C., as well as with Balkan experts such as Daniel Serwer.

During all our meetings, we detailed the harmful effects of the treaty with Greece, the economic decline and the increase in corruption, Nikoloski said.