The DUI claim is folklore, as I have already commented publicly. It seems to be an attempt to divert public attention from the actual crime they are facing. This is an effort to shift the focus and impose a message, similar to the tactics used during the campaign for the parliamentary elections in 2020. Back then, the demand was for the Prime Minister to be Albanian, and now, they insist on the vice-president not being Albanian and aim to elect the president within the framework of the Assembly. They even threatened participation in the second round.

President Mickoski continued, emphasizing that he and VMRO-DPMNE do not accept dictates.
First and foremost, it should be understood that VMRO-DPMNE unequivocally rejects any form of dictates, and this stance is crystal clear. Whether as an individual or as a party, neither I nor VMRO-DPMNE entertain the idea of capitulating to dictates. Our unwavering commitment to this principle is evident in the policies we have consistently pursued.

It must be made abundantly clear to them that such an approach is entirely unacceptable to us, regardless of the circumstances. President Mickoski emphasizes that VMRO-DPMNE not only refuses to accept any dictate but also has no intention of engaging in discussions based on such messages.”