VMRO-DPMNE elects Saturday its candidate for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for April 21 at a party convention held in Struga.

A total of 551 delegates choose between the nine candidates who applied for nomination at a party call. The candidates include Gordana Siljanoska Davkova, Vlatko Gjorcev, Filip Petrovski, Goran Angelov, Ilija Dimovski, Saso Kultesovski, Nikita Shekutovski, Vasko Kostov and Gjorgji Manaskov. The candidates will have 15 minutes to present their vision to the delegates before they proceed to vote.

Candidates have to win 1/3 of the votes of delegates to win the first round. If none of the candidates wins the required number of votes in the first round or candidates win the same number of votes, the vote is repeated, in which the delegates will choose between two candidates with the most votes.