Another person has died in the aftermath of the disastrous bus crash which happened this afternoon on the Skopje – Tetovo highway, increasing the death toll to 14.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev informed that additional six of the passengers are in critical condition.

The tragedy happened when a Durmo company bus, taking 50 passengers from Skopje to Gostivar, slid off the highway near the Karpalak half-way point, turned upside down and stopped in a ditch. Seven people died instantly, and seven more after being taken to several clinics in Skopje. More than a dozen of emergency response teams were sent, and local villagers also helped drag passengers from the bus and in giving first aid to the survivors. A pregnant woman was in the bus, and she is listed as stable.

The names of the killed are still withheld from the public, but the SDSM party confirmed that its member of Parliament Blagojce Trpevski lost his son Jovica (25).

Two days of national mourning were declared to honor the victims.

There is still no word on the cause of the crash. Initial reports revolved around the driver suffering a possible heart attack or a tire bust at high speed, but the Interior Ministry called on the public to avoid speculating. The driver survived the crash, and police officials have questioned him, while samples of blood and urine were taken to be tested for alcohol. Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski said that the Durmo company was licensed and that its buses were submitted to regular mechanical checks.