According to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, there is no need for the constitutional amendments and the accompanying law to be signed by President Gjorge Ivanov for them to enter into force. Even though the Constitution provides that all laws have to be signed by the President, Zaev said that with the adoption of the amendments, a decision to have them declared valid was also passed and they will be sent to the official gazette for publication immediately.

Thank God, we don’t need signature from President Ivanov. Yesterday the Parliament, just as the amendments were adopted, passed a decision to declare them and the law valid. They will be published in thea gazette today and we don’t need President Ivanov’s signature, Zaev said.

He announced that the Macedonian Foreign Ministry will sent an note to the Greek Foreign Ministry informing them that Macedonia completed its share of obligations under the Prespa treaty, and that it is now up to the Greek Parliament to ratify the treaty and the protocol to allow Macedonia to join NATO.